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  • lavendersin lavendersin Oct 25, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    The America in which we live...


    It`s ok to kill tens of millions of LIVING souls in unnecessary evil Middle Eastern wars to enrich an international elite and their minions. Yet so many of those same anti-abortion 'patriots' become hysterical about aborting a collection of cells.

    I do not consider abortion killing, nor do I consider a fetus a baby.

    Where`s the concern for the unnecessary wars still raging and innocent living beings murdered on a daily basis? Or how about the prisoners in Gitmo and other such torture chambers around the world? Why is no one concerned about them? No doubt most of those alleged 'terrorsts' are innocent patsies of sadistic torturers who have seized control of this country.

    What horrors are the sadists inflicting on the alleged 'terrorists' in their secretive ignored prisons?

    In actuality, many of the real terrorist are considered pillars of American society.

    Almost everyone knows by now, 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

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    • Here's another example above of why I'll never understand Liberals. You can't debate a subject! You take a whold bunch of Crap and put it all into the same bucket and believe you are making some extremely intelligent point, when all your doing is babbling a bunch of #$%$ that don't make sense. And I don't know why you think 911 was an inside job. Don't you remember the video of Osama Bin Laden laughing at the evilness he had spawned when those buildings collapsed?

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