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  • bullbear308 Oct 26, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Romney's Tax Reform Will Not Work...

    Socialism is a proven failure time after time in history. But that seems to be the desired course for the left.
    And there is nothing NEW or FORWARD about it...much less desirable.

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      “Socialism is a failure…that seems to be the desired course for the left.”

      You created ANOTHER new alias just for that? Is this a sign that jon and winholder have been replaced because of ineptitude? Can you spell?

      Right, the incumbent President is running on a platform of “Let me lead you to failure”. Sure. Socialism? Right. When are you going to grow up and realize that while poll tested buzz words might ring true with ignorant fanatics, main stream America is tired of them, and wants specifics…which, obviously, your guy will not deliver. Maybe that’s why even the Salt Lake City Tribune couldn’t see fit to endorse their favorite son.

      “Well, this must be awkward. The Salt Lake Tribune, the paper of record in Salt Lake City — which is also the city with the largest Mormon population in the country — has just gone and endorsed Barack Obama rather than fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. In an editorial, the paper praises and thanks Romney for his outstanding work in 2002, when the Olympics, organized by Romney, showed the world the city's best. But the editors say it was Romney's "shape shifting" during the nomination process, from courting the Tea Party to the GOP's far-right contingent that made them wary of the candidate. The paper calls Obama's leadership "decisive," and says he has earned a second term, whereas Romney "does not deserve a first." – MSN (You really should read the actual editorial – it’s far more critical than this summary.)

      Wow, that’s like La Repubblica, Rome’s largest newspaper, lobbying for Madalyn Murray O'Hair for Pope!

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