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  • winholder winholder Oct 26, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    Romney's Tax Reform Will Not Work...

    Don't look now you Democratic Party shill, but Obama's economic plans haven't worked very well either. According to many economic sources, studies, guru's, think tanks, etc. none of their plans will work. If they instituted all of Obama's tax increases it might scrape a few pebbles off the debt but will never balance a budget, but that's OK because Obama doesn't even know how to spell the word budget let alone write on or for God's sake follow one.

    Additionally, I don't have a clue who bullbear is and I don't need another screen name, this one works just fine.

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    • It bothers me that Romney has never mentioned the fact that Obama has never had a budget in four years and is spending billions if not trillions without Congressional approval. His economic plan may not be saving America but it is accomplishing Obama's plan to destroy America and deliver the remains to the World Government that he will head up.

    • ...

      Last chance, winjondale…Do you agree with robfisk’s statement…?

      Winholder: “Don't look now you Democratic Party shill…”

      I’ll take that as a yes, then.

      Winholder: “I don't need another screen name…because, as I prove daily, I have more than enough difficulty keeping track of all of those that I’m presently juggling. And I wish you’d stop pestering me because I’ve already had to retire Dale and his famous ‘report card’, the three F’s…Floyd, Faust and (weaselboy) Feretz, under threat of losing my cubicle Monster rations.”

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