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  • echo2165 echo2165 Oct 26, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    Romney's Tax Reform Will Not Work...


    Tax Policy Center says Romney’s Tax Reform Will NOT Work!

    New York Times

    “That study found, in short, that Mr. Romney could NOT keep all of the promises he had made on individual tax reform: including cutting marginal tax rates by 20 percent, keeping protections for investment income, not widening the deficit and not increasing the tax burden on the poor or middle class. It concluded that Mr. Romney’s plan, on its face, would CUT TAXES FOR RICH FAMILIES AND RAISE THEM FOR EVERYONE ELSE. (emphasis added)

    The center’s claim to provide reliable, nonpartisan information comes in part from its staff makeup. It has about four dozen affiliated staff members and scholars — most are economists, several are considered top experts in their fields, and a number have experience in either Republican or Democratic administrations.

    In many ways the report did just what the center was created to do: inject some solid numbers into a shifty, accusatory, raucous political debate. The decade-old center — a joint project of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, two nonpartisan grandes dames of the Washington world — was founded precisely to ‘fill that niche,’ Mr. Marron said.

    Many economists across the political spectrum have said they found the report’s conclusions convincing, like Alan D. Viard, a tax expert at the right-of-center American Enterprise Institute.

    Mr. Sullivan of Tax Analysts said: ‘I like tax reform. I want to broaden the base. It’s something I’ve devoted my life to. And I welcome Governor Romney and the Republicans’ strong push, but the plan doesn’t work out. It’s not mathematically possible’.”


    More Voo-Doo Economics of the ‘Trickle Down’ variety.
    Oh,my! Grover Norquist may have to get a job with Sesame Street.

    Please read the full story (I’d give you the link, but …well, you know.) There are some opposing views, mainly saying there’s not enough info. to perform a better analysis, to which the response was something like, “Duh, no kidding. Tell Romney that it’s about time he filled in all the missing blanks on his etch-a-sketch compendium of sound bites with no details!” Oh, and I would add, maybe if you want to preach tax reform, you might want to make your own returns available to the public to show them specifically why reform is so needed.

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    • Romney is a hypocritical loud mouth flat out #$%$'er, he spews more crap than the local waste water treatment plant.

    • Don't look now you Democratic Party shill, but Obama's economic plans haven't worked very well either. According to many economic sources, studies, guru's, think tanks, etc. none of their plans will work. If they instituted all of Obama's tax increases it might scrape a few pebbles off the debt but will never balance a budget, but that's OK because Obama doesn't even know how to spell the word budget let alone write on or for God's sake follow one.

      Additionally, I don't have a clue who bullbear is and I don't need another screen name, this one works just fine.

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        Last chance, winjondale…Do you agree with robfisk’s statement…?

        Winholder: “Don't look now you Democratic Party shill…”

        I’ll take that as a yes, then.

        Winholder: “I don't need another screen name…because, as I prove daily, I have more than enough difficulty keeping track of all of those that I’m presently juggling. And I wish you’d stop pestering me because I’ve already had to retire Dale and his famous ‘report card’, the three F’s…Floyd, Faust and (weaselboy) Feretz, under threat of losing my cubicle Monster rations.”

      • It bothers me that Romney has never mentioned the fact that Obama has never had a budget in four years and is spending billions if not trillions without Congressional approval. His economic plan may not be saving America but it is accomplishing Obama's plan to destroy America and deliver the remains to the World Government that he will head up.

    • Probably a plant story here, we have had four years of Obama's voo doo economics , no budget, and his economic plan is tax, tax, tax. Romney's plan has flaws but at least he has given us an idea what his proposals are.

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        “Probably a plant story…”
        Nah, THIS is a plant story…

        There was once this small very young kid who lived with his dear old Mom inside a small home. They loved each other so much and one day this kid's mom comes to her dear old son and gently gives him some money and send him off to buy her some meat so that she can cook dinner for the both of them.

        So, off this kid goes all chirpy and nice singing melodies on the way to the market get the meat that his Mom wanted to cook and comes back with the same cheerful tone. On the way, he sees this beautiful plant with a purple flower blooming by the sidewalk. He gets the thought that if he gives this purple flower to his nice Mom then she will appreciate him more and love him even more. So he picks it off the plant and moves along and reaches his home in no time, same cheerful state he had left earlier.

        'Mommy, I got your meat', he goes. 'Thank you, my sweet dear', she would reply. But she notices that he's hiding something behind his back and asks him what it is. He bashfully says 'I saw this on the way back and I thought if I gave it to you it would make you happier'. 'That's so sweet of you my dear child, but what is it?', she smiles. 'This..', and with that, he presents the purple flower to his dear old nice Mom. Shocked, enraged, and fumed, she picks up an empty frying pan and hits the boy on his head. 'Get out!', she shouts. 'Help! Police! You Devil!', she would say at the top of her voice.

        The boy runs out of the small house that lives by the street. He runs and runs, crying and whaling about all the pain caused by his dear old Mom who thrashed him with an empty frying pan.

        He eventually stops at a corner of the garden, still whimpering about the pain caused by his dear old Mom. Then this nice old nanny walks along the same garden smiling ever so cheerfully, and sees this kid with tears in his eyes. 'What's the matter, little boy?', she asks. The boy, naturally wounded in his heart over his Mom thrashing him, says 'I wanted to make my Mommy happy by giving her this nice flower'. Sniffing and blurting out the last words, the boy presents the purple flower to the nanny, who in turn, is shocked, freaked out, and goes mental on the kid by thrashing him with her walking cane whilst shouting out 'Help! Police! Help! You psycho! Help!'. She thrashes and thrashes the kid on and on and on. And the kid runs away again..

        He runs street after street after street crossing the roads from one neighborhood to another. Eventually he stops again at another crossroad. Still whimpering about his bad day and how he got kicked out of his Mom's house and by an old lady in public garden, comes along a nice young policeman who passes by the little boy and sees him crying and on his own. 'What's the matter, young boy?', he asks. And the boy says ' I wanted to make my Mommy happy by giving her this nice flower', and no sooner does the policeman see the purple flower does he pull out his gun and points it at the kid and shouts out, 'Oh my God! Hands up! You mean machine, you!', and throws him into Jail.

        Our little boy is now in Jail and is put in with this humongous brutal man. This man turns around to see the boy crying, bruised, in pain, and whimpering and asks him, “I was put in here for splitting a man in half because I caught him cheating with my wife; what about you?,” in a gruff voice. The boy, scared from head to toe from this man in front of him, says in a shaky voice 'I - I - I .....I picked this flower for my Mommy to make her happy', and shows him the purple flower. The man freaks out, goes ballistic and cries out to the jail-house guard, “Help! Guard! Get me out of here! Help!”. And with that makes a hole in the jail's wall trying to run for his life.

        The little kid, still whimpering over his bad luck, walks out the hole in the wall. Comes upon a street and crosses it.


        He's run over by an ambulance.

        The point is to the whole story is to always look left and right before crossing the road.


        “Romney's plan has flaws…” Well, yeah, according to the “plant” story, it has one…”the plan doesn’t work. It’s not mathematically possible.”

    • bullbear308 Oct 26, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

      Socialism is a proven failure time after time in history. But that seems to be the desired course for the left.
      And there is nothing NEW or FORWARD about it...much less desirable.

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        “Socialism is a failure…that seems to be the desired course for the left.”

        You created ANOTHER new alias just for that? Is this a sign that jon and winholder have been replaced because of ineptitude? Can you spell?

        Right, the incumbent President is running on a platform of “Let me lead you to failure”. Sure. Socialism? Right. When are you going to grow up and realize that while poll tested buzz words might ring true with ignorant fanatics, main stream America is tired of them, and wants specifics…which, obviously, your guy will not deliver. Maybe that’s why even the Salt Lake City Tribune couldn’t see fit to endorse their favorite son.

        “Well, this must be awkward. The Salt Lake Tribune, the paper of record in Salt Lake City — which is also the city with the largest Mormon population in the country — has just gone and endorsed Barack Obama rather than fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. In an editorial, the paper praises and thanks Romney for his outstanding work in 2002, when the Olympics, organized by Romney, showed the world the city's best. But the editors say it was Romney's "shape shifting" during the nomination process, from courting the Tea Party to the GOP's far-right contingent that made them wary of the candidate. The paper calls Obama's leadership "decisive," and says he has earned a second term, whereas Romney "does not deserve a first." – MSN (You really should read the actual editorial – it’s far more critical than this summary.)

        Wow, that’s like La Repubblica, Rome’s largest newspaper, lobbying for Madalyn Murray O'Hair for Pope!

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