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  • robfisk robfisk Oct 26, 2012 7:42 PM Flag

    Breaking news BO admin denies requests to defend Benghazi compoud during attack

    Yes, if we were able to inject Obami with truth serum, he'd say something like this. Sorry, but these are bumps in the road. I can't concern myself with all these military matters. I had a fund raiser to attend in Vegas that day. First things first. And calling in the nearby troops to try to extract your son would send this new regime the wrong message. I would be politically incorrect, to show the world, I didn't trust the local security. We have to cut defense, I had to take the Ambassador's plane away. Mouchelle has first dibs on planes. She needs them for taking her friends on fab vacations. Besides, he was ordered to stand down, not assist the Ambassador. So fighting till the last man is on him. Taking a pledge to defend the Constitution is a little over the top. Black folks you know were only considered 3/5ths of a man, by these old white folks who wrote that racist rag. You can bet your bottom dollar, or Mouchelle's next vacation, I'll be getting rid of this politically incorrect document. God and Country, no way. Read the inscription on the ring I wear. It says Allah is the only true God.

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