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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Oct 28, 2012 9:05 PM Flag

    About Retiree Benefits

    We are all in Enrollment 2013 right now.If you haven't called ATT benefits office, you should......but do not call one time, call at least 7 times as you will get 7 different answers. Do not "ask" for Enrollment, nor Healthcare, but go to "Adoption", or anything other than those two options. Ask your question and you will likely get a more accurate option--at least they will be more co-operative.I have been calling since August and got a couple knowledgeable people, but since Enrollment has begun, they put the "gumchewers", (Bubble Gum I think), on line. They don't have a clue what you want, or they're just plain bored--for sure, they're not worried about their jobs.----------So glad I started calling in August and got some basic information that was accurate.I finally got to talk to a lovely girl named Nicole in Orlando,Florida.....she said I could ask for her again.......haven't tried back.Nicole was actually be my 12th person to talk to, if you count the August calls.She gave me an alternative way to go about this that was actually designed for someone in the situation of my husband and myself. It's good in my opinion.This is our situation: ATT REQUIRES retiree to accept Medicare PARTS A and B. This will happen automatically and you are not to try and cut it out because they will cut you off!!!!!
    Husband retired and hits Medicare at 65 next month. SS check will deduct $99.00 from his check. State Street, T's financial folks, will put back in $49.00 at end of month. Healthcare goes from $19.67 per month for the both of us for Healthcare, to 11.67 per month for Nov and Dec. NOW January,2013, new ballgame. Husband's deduction is $0 (except for the $1 for Careplus), but MINE goes to $146.00.
    I will not go into further details......but the end result is that my final deduction will be $0, except for the $1 for Careplus. How? Clic on Enroll, when you see the options, click on CUSTOMCARE NETWORK ALTERNATIVE PLAN.............This was the plan that was intended for those like me. The only difference in the original plan and this new plan is this: $500.00 DEDUCTIBLE if you are checked into the hospital, and THE COMPANY PAYS 80% of the hospital bill, you pay 20%. The new prescription plan is the same except the deductible for family is $225.00, and if you check other big copays if you go to the emergency room......all of that is the same for both of us......but going up.Stay out of the hospital, and Silverscripts(UHC's version of prescription drugs), rolls over automatically. By the way, Silverscripts folks know a lot.......if you're beginning Medicare, call them, they're nice and helpful.I will stil be on Careplus and he will be rolled over into Silverscripts. At beginning of year, a new method will be given to you. Don't call careplus because they don't seem to know anything, but Silverscripts is the same, but handling medicare, but very knowledgeable. Hope this helps somebody. I've tried to verify that what I've put in is accurate, and will spend time on the phone tomorrow, but as far as I know, I've got it all straight. Won't be comfortable until I call back and confirm what I think I know. Hope this is helpful.

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    • Military retirees also must apply for Medicare A and B

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      • Hi Bob.......yes, it seems most people do have to apply for A and B. A has no costs (hospitalization) and B is for physicians, tests, etc. In my research, it seems the federal retirees can only apply for A and not B, and use their federal insurance as the primary. It seemed that way though I didn't spend much time since it didn't seem to pertain to me. It's B that costs so much money. I'm not sure how the railroad retirement or teacher's retirement systems work, exactly. I know they are very different. I do know that everyone is not the same. Quite frankly, I'm worn out just trying to figure this all out. I don't feel there was enough information available to us to work through this, but maybe I just didn't know where to look.

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