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  • robfisk robfisk Oct 30, 2012 7:23 PM Flag

    Mayor Doomberg should Step Down

    The stock market closed for several days, electrical substations flooded. Fires destroying entire neighborhoods. Subways closed. And this guy is running around the Country (most recently here in Maryland), telling how to vote on Gay Marriage?? Passing laws on how big my soft drink should be??. This guy is definitely a DEMOCRAP. We need Guliani back, asap!!

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    • Bloomberg was at one time a Republican. Powell still is but both supports Obama. What does that tell you? Moderate Republicans are leaving the party because of its far right agenda which does not represent the majority of the population. After having voted for Eisenhower, Nixon, Goldwater, and Ford I find that Republican party of today no longer reflects my views.

    • I have a cousin that worked in a responsible position in the New York City Administration. You should hear what they say. I can't say too much as it might repurcuss even though they are retired. One thing they told me was that there were ten Wall Street banks that pretty much run the whole country. I always suggest to anyone interested to google the Council on Foreign Relations and look at the membership list. Look up thir charter and find what the purpose of it's founding in 1923 was.

    • You GOPers are going down. GOP party may be gone in 10 years unless they can relate to the people.

    • Yea, maybe you guys can bring back W. We need help with a hurricane and the economy. Why do you Repuklicans never mention the last guy you elected?

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      • I thought the concept was 'FORWARD'? Obama has said he doesn't/didn't want to look back, just forward but he sure seems to be recalling the past a lot these days. Which is it, forward or backward or both when the situation or campaign demands?

      • Yes, I must admit George wasn't very good in all areas. I believe however, as Clint would say, Barry needs to be let go. I'm going to get alot of people exceited, but I am a registered Dem. This is Maryland after all, I have to try and limit the damage from Gov. O'we Malley. I promise to vote for Hill, if Mitt miscues. I hate the way she was Barracked, by Barry. All I am saying, is give Mitt a chance. Can anyone tell me of anything good that would come out of a 2nd Obama administration?

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    • I forgot Hospitals evacuated. This should be a wake up call. This guy, like Obama, just isn't up to the job. Clint, get your chair. If a guy can't do a job, he has to go.

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