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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 4, 2012 5:18 PM Flag

    Teachers Should Go For Mitt


    Not so Duke .. The Teacher's Advocate portion of your post (??) ...I disagree !!

    I think that every "good" parent, that has a child in school IS a teachers "advocate".

    It's just that the UNIONS are ruining things for the "good" ones. The Unions feed off of their salaries... their lobbyist are in bed with the politicians (mostly on the Left) so the bad teacher's can't be fired .
    The Unions want lots & lots of teachers .. and they don't care what gutters they come from .. IT's all about "money" and "control" !! Just like our POTUS and his Administration .. "money & control"

    The take over by the "leftist" Educators ... they're doing away with "prayer"in school, they're doing away the "Pledge Allegience", U.S.Govt. History being replaced by European SOCIAL History !!

    Show me "one" good parent, that is not TRULY a good teacher's advocate .. but is disgusted with the lack of "traditional" .. wholesome ... American Values education ?? They're muzzeled by leftist administrators, by Goverment Education Social Engineering in Washington D.C.

    What you seem to preach (??)... destroys every basic American Value .. and promotes "class envy" !!.

    You seem (??) to be promoting, for every "American Citizen" to get "screwed" by the Obama Leftist Goverment !!

    Like your "bogus claim" of Obama's "under 250-K tax break" is a Tax Break for all .. Not So !!
    Its only for the $214K to $237K

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