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  • lavendersin lavendersin Nov 2, 2012 11:54 PM Flag

    I wish PBS would be defunded


    And taken off the air. I just watched part of the p#$%$ news hour. The section on immigration in Iowa. They did not interview one Iowan that was anti-immigration. A fluff piece to promote more immigration to Iowa. After all Iowa is one of a very few majority White states left in this country, and those hateful anti-White propagandists have to try and do their part to change that.

    They constantly pass their #$%$ off as informative and balanced. It`s not.

    PBS has done as much damage to the White majority in this country as any of the other hateful mainstream news entertainment and media outlets. Constant subliminal anti White programing promoting non Europeans dominates their programs.

    I hope they disappear from the airwaves.

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    • Gop's plan is dumb down america. look at the bald assed lies they tell now. Getting rid of pbs will get rid of 85 to 90 of the intellectual conversation about politics. instead we should get rid of station like fox the spread lies.

    • Lav, you should read scripture. Not the lies that organized religion has built out of it and erroneous interpretations. It has been foretold that this would happen because his people (not the counterfeits) turn away from him. The same thing happened in OT days. "Brotherhood" with the Satan worshipping Canaanites brought the ancint (and true) kingdom of Israel down. One verse says; "Strangers (aliens) eat their sustenance and they know it not." The end isn't going to be pretty but it will end and I believe very soon. Read the Mayflower Compact. They knew who they were and quoted a verse from Revelations.

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      • comes Runaway's ("spewmor", "screwhor", or whatever the demented old fantasist is calling himself now) angry sky fairy (his "Big Brother")...boom...boom...kaboom! Funny, how the closer death comes, the more you nut jobs think you're going to mitigate and erase all the damage you've done to others in your life by dripping your senile spittle on the pages of a screwy Bronze Age work of fiction... Good luck with that! If there is a hell, it is yawning wide at this very moment to receive your lying soul with its sick violent fantasies. Soon! Very soon!

    • I recently saw a piece on PBS that was a real eye opener. Unfortunately, I don't recall the title. It was an hour on the upcoming war between Brown, & White. I don't understand why Big Bird would try to divide our Country, but he is. The main question raised, was how can we ask all these young Latinos to pay for our elderly retirees. It showed that 80% of our retired, living off of Social Security (and therefore off the backs of young illegal immigrants), WERE WHITE! But the reality is the other way around, these young illegals are living off of our retired folks. America's Greatest Generation, is just trying to stay in their homes, and are paying very high property taxes, cause of all these freeloaders in the underground economy. So, please vote your pocketbook. A Romney-Ryan victory means a return of fiscal sanity. Mitt is an honest man, and understands the economy. He'll seal the border, and tax money transfer back to these crooked countries. These people will self deport, and create jobs for our citizens, both Black, and White. Ebony, and Ivory, as Paul McCartney used to sing about.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • And don't forget the classical music. They seldom play Hank Jr. Or the writers almanac. Or Masterpiece Theater but never wrestling. Don't you get it?

      PBS is not for idiots.

    • Defund the communist EPA and Dept of Education ! !

      Communist big wig Carol Browner was EPA Director (forever) before becoming present Director of US Dept of Energy ! !

    • I wish you'd die a long, slow, lonely death in a great deal of pain. I bet I'll get my wish before you get yours, dungball.

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