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  • yourenohelp yourenohelp Nov 3, 2012 1:35 PM Flag

    Is it a sin for a Mormon to LIE???

    Nobody is qualified to discuss "relgion", since it doesn't exist. Oh wait a minute, maybe you deluded sheep who believe in the angry sky fairy are qualified, since you spend a lot of time discussing things that don't exist and arguing about, and killing each other for, that which doesn't exist more. Discuss away...baaa...baaa...baaa!

    And you thieving little sheep, I used to exchange posts with the real geoff_holt on this board, and let me tell you, you are no geoff_holt. He was fierce and you're just a nattering little p*ssy. What do your kiddie stories in the bible tell you about people who steal? What happens to them? You both a hypocrite and a thief.

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    • And, ou of course, believe everything came from nothing. Know anything about probabilities? Get a book written by a French mathematician titled "Human Destiny." The mathematics of evolution simply don't add up. Something odd too is that many top scientists are theorizing that we exist in an artificial matrix. Some sci-fi writers proposed that many years ago. Perhaps it is basic training for things in the future . If you wash out you don't have a future.

    • what do you believe in attack dog? Why is religion or not, relevant? See the democratic radicals for thieving sheep; now you are delving into tangible territory. The bible is not on the ballot but it says you will burn in hell, to answer your question. Thats what I hear. Do you vote? At least hold was accurate. Vote Romney and you can live a peaceful atheist life, at least. Your business.

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