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  • robfisk robfisk Nov 3, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    In Maryland, Just Say No

    The crazies are all about. I saw several bus loads near the Chick Filet. There are 7 questions on the ballot here, Tuesday in Maryland. All about State Government borrowing money, to waste more of our tax dollars. WE HAVE TO DEEP SIX, ALL SEVEN. Another incentive. All these O'Mally sponsored questions, if passed could get O'Malley elevated to the Presidency one day. JUST A LITTLE SWEETNER TO GET YOU OUT. Can you imagine, allowing him to do to the Nation, what he's done to Maryland!. The two ballot questions that are the worse ones, allow in-state tuition, for illegal aliens, and GAY Marriage. All of these ballot questions, are thinly disguised, taxpayer subsidies. Illegals deserve no in state break. They were born out of the good old USA. Be you Ebony, or Ivory if this bill passes it will pull in illegals from all over this Country. Bottom line, we pay for their education, and they take ebony, and ivory slots. Gay marriage is about getting the tax breaks when you file your yearly taxes. Again, asking me to subsidize, carpet cleaners, and pole swallowers. I don't care what they do behind close doors, just don't ask me to pay for it.

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    • The Gay marriage protection bill, I found out is actually allowing state filers, ( who are gay), to get a bigger tax break than a traditional married couple. I don't know how Gov O'Malley was able to get that written into the legislation, but it was slipped in. I guess it was to makeup for the past, as what he perceives as, tax inequities. Now I understand why his Brother, (a traditional Catholic), no longer allows his campaign signs on his lawn. Also, be aware that on In-State Tuition for Illegals, those not born here, who start in the 2 year/Community College, are guaranteed transfer into the 4 Year School ( ie, Univ of Md). PLEASE REALIZE PARENTS- Only 10% of applicants get into our highly sought after Colleges. Even if these illegals got a 4 year college degree, they can not work here legally. Don't take lightly, the years of your hard earned taxpayer dollars, being wasted. It's your child, who will likely come up short on this fraudulent legislation.

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