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  • ssdependent ssdependent Nov 9, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    Fraud saturated the election

    Here are some of the biggest reasons that Romney lost
    1. People that voted strictly democrat simply because their parents were democrats and they in turn have always been democrats.
    2. People that still cling to the belief that Republicans are for the rich and democrats are for the poor.
    3. College kids that voted for Obama and had no clue about anything going on in this country.
    4. Black people voting for Obama solely because he is black and white people voting for Obama just to prove they are not prejudiced.
    5. People that voted for Obama because they believed the negative campaign ads but never took time to look up the facts.
    6. Women that fell for the fictional War on Women.
    7. Hispanics that fell for the fictional War on Hispanics.
    8. People that fell for the War on the rich and don't have a clue as to who creates the jobs in this country.
    9. People on the dole that are too lazy to work and get free food stamps, phones, welfare, etc. from the government.
    10. People that have no idea of all of the taxes that will hit Jan 1, and no clue that we go over that financial cliff, they will get nothing....... all benefits as they know them today will be gone.

    I could list a lot more, but when you really take a look at it, these are all due to stupidity. And those to blame the most are the people that were too stupid to see through any of the above. As the saying goes, "there just ain't no cure for stupid".

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    • Great summary. I spoke to a young Police Officer, neighbor of mine. He was really bummed out about the illegal alien tuition bill, that was passed here in Maryland. Most people who voted on that were so confused. In the voting line I spoke with 3 middle aged women who thought this bill covered people born here in the US. I explained that those born here are Citizens, this bill gives illegals (those not born here) in state tuition. The only way I could agree with this, is if they gave in-state to everyone (those born in neighboring states). No matter where they come from. THERE IS NO WAY I"LL EVER BELIEVE THAT ONLY 16% of SENIORS VOTED IN THIS ELECTION CYCLE. BARRY & GEORGE SOROS' ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES STOLE THIS ELECTION!

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    • Obama won young voters by 2-1 margin. Young people today are the children of boomers. They make up a very large chunk of the population, known as the boomer echo.

      As this group gets older and begins to vote at higher rates and hold more positions of influence, you will continue to see the political grip of the boomers wane, and at a faster rate. This is something boomers have never experienced and I am afraid reality is going to be very harsh for you. Especially if you continue to cling to the type of #$%$ you listed above.

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      • As this group gets more successful, assuming they actually learned anything in obtaining their college educations, they will also tire of the Democrats tax, spend, redistribute tactics, and begin to vote against them as well. Experience is a great teacher; unfortunately it is a hard lesson when you have to learn from your past mistakes because they hurt.

        You simply haven’t been intelligent enough to have learned these lessons yet. Perhaps there is hope for you, but I seriously doubt it…your tunnel vision will negate most of your learning opportunities.

    • "there just aint no cure for stupid." you prove that every day.

    • Put these reasons in for lying Mormon from Utah, oh do not let the Rbother, I said what I said , ROMNEY THEN U ARE RIGHT

    • bullbear308 Nov 9, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

      Very well stated.

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