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  • lavendersin lavendersin Nov 10, 2012 7:44 PM Flag

    Disenfranchised White Males: Time for Secession?


    Per The Occidental Observer:

    Disenfranchised White Males: Time for Secession, by Kevin MacD onald,

    "It’s no accident that stocks of gun companies soared after the election, even though the stock market as a whole took a dive. What we have here is a situation in which around 70% of traditional American White men (correcting for the overly inclusive White’ category used by the media) are now pretty much officially disenfranchised in a country where they see themselves as the founding population. That’s a lot of angry White men. The vast majority of these men are not going to be willing participants in a Republican campaign to recruit Latinos, no matter what the enlightened party elites want. And there will be far more non-Whites voting in 2016 because Obama is bent on legalizing the illegals and because of continuing displacement-level legal non-White immigration.

    This is or at least ought to be explosive. It may take a while for this 70% to wake up to the reality that they are politically impotent. But it will happen. Separatist movements in the many states that are deeply red are certainly a possibility, as advocated by Farnham O’Reilly here. (A friend mentioned that Rush Limbaugh joked about secession.) Is there any other realistic alternative? Apart from futile violence against the Leviathan, do White men really have any other choice? That is, unless they think that exiting the stage of history as something less than men is a reasonable alternative."

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    • I for one will go out on my feet and not on my knees.

    • Isn't there something that Texas, and Arizona could do? Even if Barry, didn't like it. He might not care, since he and Mouchelle, are away on vacation, and Barrack won't be running again. Declare these border states, an illegal alien free zone. Just round these guys up, and quietly take them for a ride to the border. CATCH & RELEASE. IT'S LIKE RUSH SAID, ILLEGALS ARE VOTING ILLEGALLY, AND SKEWING OUR SACRED RIGHT TO ELECT OUR LEADERS. Then if we all give $5 dollars, we can build a fence on private lands, and stop this invasion of our Homeland.

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