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  • lavendersin lavendersin Nov 14, 2012 2:37 AM Flag

    Targeting the elderly with assets


    Elderly Whites are probably the main remaining group of Whites with assets. More White dispossession?

    Excerpts from, The new cash cows: Elderly with assets. Per The PPJ Gazette.

    "If Adult Protective Services was actually focused on protecting vulnerable adults, they have only to look to our streets that are littered with homeless, hungry and many times disoriented adults of all ages who desperately need help and protection. But…. these people have no money, and no estates to loot. APS steps over these individuals in order to get to those who have assets.

    In every state organized crime rings are operating involving the same judges, predatory guardians, attorneys, Adult Protective Services personnel, medical personnel, and participating facilities who will violate the rights of an elderly or disabled victim in exchange for payment or personal profit.

    “This system of theft will continue until the entire estate has been stolen leaving the victim penniless. At this point, Medicare and Medicaid are used as the cash cow to cover medical expenses and the inflated charges of nursing, the doctors’ visits and vast amounts of medications are charged off to these services costing these services millions each year in padded billing. ” "

    "Overseeing the looting of an estate is a probate judge who is well aware that what is happening has nothing to do with the health, wellbeing, or welfare of the victim, but who can be depended upon to facilitate the predators. It is all about the estate, how much it is worth and who will gain access to it.

    Advance planning instruments for retirement dictate the victims plans for their property such as wills, trusts, insurance benefits, savings accounts, investments, land titles and other assets. These instruments are routinely discarded by the probate judge and declared void even though the judge has no actual lawful authority to do so.

    This is done after the victim has been forcibly medicated with drugs such as Zyprexa or Seroquel in doses so high that the victim is unable to function even minimally. It is in the state, and known to the judge to be drug induced dysfunction, that the victim is declared [incompetent]. "

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