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  • ellerbebil2 ellerbebil2 Nov 15, 2012 6:47 PM Flag


    Do you think Obama missing several security meetings in a row is a big deal? Obama, and prior Presidents, miss being at many security council meetings. Since the meetings are held daily, if the President has prior committments, is travelling, or meeting with other leaders he will not attend. However, you do know that the government even has portable phones and all kinds of exotic ways for the President to get information without attending the meetings in person, right? In fact, believe it or not, the President is briefed constantly about events as they occur during the day, so most meetings are just recaps of events of which he is already aware.

    However, the meeting that McCain missed was requested by senior leaders, including McCain. At these meetings folks testify and answer questions posed by these leaders. This is how Congress investigates happenings.

    I can see your wrinkled forehead and gutteral sounds coming from your throat that you don't get it. Tomorrow ask the Mexican that repairs your roof or the black guy who cuts your yard to expain it to you. They understand it. Maybe they can explain it better than I.

    By the way, McCain is off the hook. Rep. DesJarlais ( Republican from Tennessee ) just took over the lead news headline for the day. McCain is now Republican dumba** number two. DesJarlais is now numero uno.

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