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  • whopperkaraoke whopperkaraoke Nov 20, 2012 10:12 AM Flag

    Charts between T vs VZ Diverging since 2008

    I've been comparing the charts of these 2 companies. In 2006 VZ was about $4 a share higher than T, then at the peak in 2008 VZ was $4 a share higher, and finally in the dip of 2009 VZ was about $4 a share higher than T. But in the past 2 years VZ has been pulling away even faster. At the peak of 2012 T hit a high of $38.50 while VZ peaked at $48.75, that a $10 difference. And in todays price they are seperated by $9 per share. This is just my observation, but I hoping that we are going to start seeing a convergence and T is going to pull their head out before CHL takes them both to the cleaners.

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