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  • ricky18201 ricky18201 Nov 29, 2012 10:53 AM Flag


    "Politics can sure make a mess of "one" banking on their own future and trying to do the most prudent thing ... ya just can't seem to win when making the right choices !!"

    Yes, the Bush recession did cause problems.

    What really gets me though is people who expect to retire early and never work again. You think your company or the government should take care of you for the rest of your lives. Meanwhile you expect young people to take pay and benefit cuts, piled on with a lack of investment in their future, to pay for it.

    Meanwhile, people of my generation expect to work in some capacity right up until we die in no small part because boomers think they should be able to retire at 50 and get free ride the rest of their lives. You need to get used to the idea that young people cannot, will not and should not pay for this.

    If current workers need to claw back some of this by having retirees pay for a reasonable share of their medical bills, I'm all for it.

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    • I worked until I was 59 years of age. I retired early because Verizon wanted to cut costs and made an amazing offer to just quietly and quickly go away. No one is paying for my retirement. I am living off the money I saved, invested, and earned for 24 years of service to a company that promised those benefits in return for an honest day’s work.

      I paid for my education and did it without taking out government-sponsored loans, I didn't even use my VA benefits, I just worked!

      I could have returned to the workforce, in fact was offered by Verizon to return as a contractor. We made the decisions that with both our retirements and incentive pay to retire, we could live comfortably without doing so.

      I didn't ask to be forced into Medicare, the government and their rules to companies pushed me there. I had health and life insurance through my past employer, at a higher price than I thought reasonable, but with the government’s assistance and the desire of my employer to reduce costs even further, they both said I had to enroll in Medicare. As a result I am now paying higher deductibles, higher rates to Verizon and paying for Medicare. Neither my doctors, nor my care have changed, I am just paying more to maintain the status quo.

      I don’t see where any of those decisions is shortchanging you or anyone like you or your future. You have the keep in mind, these boomers you so quickly denigrate, didn’t make these rules…the government did, and please consider that most of the rules you despise were passed by Democrats. In your vernacular, I paid my way.

      Thank you Congress.

    • Didn't see your other post. I am working part-time now still paying taxes, just like I have since age 18. Present employees family $81.00 a month, I my case retiree family $270.69 a month. Who is paying their reasonable share? I retired after 30 years of climbing poles ,that was all my knees would take.

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      • I'd say that situation sounds about right--if you want younger workers to be able to get the same deal when their knees go after 30 years.

        There are few companies around like AT&T to provide those kinds of benefits to workers anymore. Mostly public utilities. The rest have gone bankrupt or moved the good jobs overseas. You can't outsource climbing poles though...

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