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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 27, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    Norquist Popular With Lib. Democrats


    Now that Romney is no longer a relevant topic .. the Dems and the MSM have picked Norquist to bash.

    However Norquist has no power to force anyone to do anything, so what is their point ??

    Obama and his "politically uneducated" students .. the HEY, he looks like me "crowd" .. the looking for a "handout" crowd .. and the ones that CAN'T add, subtract, multiply, or divide based on ignorance - tend to hold him in such esteem due to his many "handouts". These people are the New Majority of Americans that are in for a "rude" awakining in a few years.

    Yet they and the MSM still insist on bashing everyone that doesn't agree with the Progressive's "free handout" Obama Govt. policy .. on the backs of the "SUCCESSFUL" Entrepreneurs, Republicans, and Conservatives. While the Hollywood types just sit back & laugh at today's frontal assult on Norquist, I'll just sit back and laugh at them when they get their "Obama Hit" ..

    GEEZ .. will the Libs & Progessives EVER stop "crying" to the MSM ??

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