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  • echo2165 echo2165 Nov 30, 2012 8:42 AM Flag

    U.S. Senate Pounded by John Boehner



    “…Boehner is a weak cry baby who needs to go…” – geofakeholt

    Speaking of cry babies, I see you guys were out in force last night. Talk about a bunch of whining sore losers. Summarizing last night’s bawling points:

    “OH, boo-hoo, those evil poor people are picking on us. The EPA is a communist plot who probably is putting fluoride in our drinking water. Say NO to Obamacare before the death squads come for Grannie. Boehner needs to grow a pair – screw compromise. The DC beltway Democrats are Commies. Good will trump evil, as the President will somehow hang himself. People in cities don’t vote. The ‘haves’ will lose everything. The President has a mandate from the ‘freeloaders’ who voted him in (you mean the 47% of the population who are all bums?) He’ll get our money one way or another…and he’ll give it all to the immigrants and Inner city folks…(again, you mean just like he stole the election with promises of gifts and handouts? Didn’t Newt set you straight on that last week?)

    Do you fools have any idea how absolutely ridiculous you sound continuing on with this immature incessant, and blatantly racist, tirade, even in the face of your own party telling you that they just learned, the hard way, (in terms the Tea Partiers might understand), “that dog don’t hunt” ?

    “Romney’s comments that Obama owed his reelection to ‘gifts’ is absolutely wrong” – Jindal

    “We cannot be ignorant of demography.” – Haley Barbour

    Hey, Haley…apparently you have a significant enough portion of your base who refuses to accept that. Might being “ignorant of demography” have some inbred racial connotation?

    BTW, apparently, winnie was MIA yesterday because he was having the Romney/Ryan campaign tattoo removed from his face by laser. Ouch! What do winnie and Mike Tyson have in common? Face tattoos? No, they’re both ugly with a single digit I.Q.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Nope, no tattoo removal, just a nice leisurely round of golf with the friends and then a little casino time with the wife...came out a winner as well.

      Believe it or not I am not obsessed with you, Ricky or the other radical fools like you. I am not obsessed with tracking other posters on this board. I am not obsessed with Obama; he will only be with us for another four years at the most. We have survived worse Presidents, the question is will we survive another sessions or two of Congress.

      Have a good day Sir Echo, I have another round of golf scheduled for this afternoon, and a lesson from the local club pro…my short game needs some work.

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      • ...

        “…just a nice leisurely round of golf with the friends and then a little casino time with the wife…” – winholder

        Hey, out of curiosity…do all you Tea Party folks who emphatically reject the notion that your platform was essentially a “War on Women”, call their life’s partner, “The Wife”? Just curious.

        I wonder if any of the females that the Republicans in the House just appointed to the 19 committee chair positions, would like to be referred to as “The Wife”. Oh, wait a minute…that isn’t an issue, is it? All 19 are white males. Silly me. There are 25 Republican women in the House, but, apparently, none fit to chair a committee. So this is what you learned from the election?

        Certainly someone must be qualified. Somebody give Speaker Boehner a binder to sift through.

      • We still have not survived Dubya. That will take generations.

    • Echo, four more years of Obummer torture for WORKING Americans. More "things" for you liberal lemmings.

    • But Republicans can be true to their ideals of yesterday. Let the private sector grow us out of this financial malaise and reduce the size of govt and their excessive spending habits.

    • bonmer is one goofy drunk kinda like a former prez called w.

    • They are like babies crying for their pacifier.

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