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  • jon3retired jon3retired Dec 6, 2012 9:41 PM Flag

    No one sure how Dividend Stocks will fare


    Gosh ellerby .. Rob is correct !!
    Go to the DC suburbs and you'll find many thousands of hispanic "day laborers" .. and a great many of them don't have "green cards", but regardless, they get CASH for their day work - no taxes, no S.S., no nothing !!

    You see .. work is plentiful from Fredricksburg north to DC .. but day labor is the choice for contractors to hire these guys. Most of them live in motels, four will go in to rent a two bed room .. then sneek in up to about four more if they can stay quiet enough not to draw attention.

    So if they do this around D.C. - well, YOUR common sense (??) would tell you they do this all over the U.S.
    OH, and yes ICE did have one or two "small raids" during the 2 yrs. I was working up there. That was pretty much for show, otherwise turning a "blind eye" to the situation.

    YEP .. you could always tell - because the 7-11 store lots didn't have 35 to 45 guys milling around the edges of their parking lots at 6:30 in the A.M.. Those guys pretty much had some warning before ICE showed up !!

    Their families (wives & kids) stayed in legal "green card" residences .. and were able to use our schools, healthcare, and many other "public services" at no cost to them !!
    Aww heck .. look at California, they're about bankrupt due to "illegals"

    OH .. and go into any WallyWorld (Walmart) on a Friday and count how many hispanics are in line to wire their money back home to Mexico ..
    YES, Mexico IS getting rich, so try updated your news source - maybe listen to FoxNews for me because I don't receive that via my "antenna" !!

    YES interest rates are LOW - but try to get a loan, other than a mortgage re-fi with no cash out !!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • A couple years ago, some very dumb illegals got arrested here in Bmore, by ICE. They actually went up to the well dressed, guys in their brand new, large SUV(s), asking if they needed day laborers. The agents got in trouble, as we are an illegal alien welcoming center. The agents said, if they hadn't approached us, we would have never bothered them. We were at 7-11 for coffee. At the very least, we should tax all money going back to Mexico by 25%, to get something for all the welfare costs these people demand. We have 40 million con men here, taking poor American's jobs.

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