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  • robfisk robfisk Nov 30, 2012 10:10 PM Flag

    No one sure how Dividend Stocks will fare

    It would make me laugh, as I am all in cash, if those Obummer supporters lost some coin, as the dividend tax soars to 42%, from 15%. The Chinese are really worried, they're afraid "The One", may start a Global Recession. Still don't buy it that only 16% of Senior Citizens voted. I think George Soros' voting machines should be thrown away. These election was rigged.

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    • Next Divy up 0.45, up a penny-- got to love it

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    • I spoke with my wife's Uncle today. A very rich man. He's a recently retired Doc, who is meeting with his advisor next week. Capital is fleeing our shores cause of this economic fool. If anything, we should be cutting corporate taxes, our taxes are the highest in the World. With the influx of illegal aliens, and all the business cut backs, where are people suppossed to get jobs? The VAT tax is almost a certainity, with all the illegals here (who pay no taxes). Mexico is a very rich country. Why must we support all of their poor? Just because they vote often, and Democratic

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      • Capital is fleeing: Wrong. We are flush with cash, that is why interest rates are so low. Check your interest rates at the bank. They do not even want our money.
        Our taxes are the highest: Wrong. Our taxes are the lowest in the developed world.
        Vat is a certainity: Wrong. The Vat is a flat tax. The Democrates have always opposed that.
        ...the illeglas ( who pay no taxes ): Wrong. Gas taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, fees and license are paid by everyone. And if they have a salary paying job Social Security is withheld and they never get a penny of that.
        Mexico is a very rich country: Wrong. You might want to get out of your basement and take a trip south of the border. If Mexico were so rich why would illegals be risking there lives to get here.

        Rob Fisk is an idiot.

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