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  • robfisk robfisk Nov 30, 2012 10:24 PM Flag

    Will our Enemies Launch a Sneak Attack?

    December 7th, is right around the corner. We are just weeks away from the automatic defense spending cuts. I hope China doesn't try to make a move, while "The One" is destroying Military Morale. Wish I had a bunker to hide in. How many know we are spending more money on this fun loving, Presidental Couple, than the British spend of their entire Royal Family. For a poor girl, the Daughter of a bus driver I believe, Mouchelle sure does have expensive tastes.

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    • Well it's Dec 7 and no sneak attack. What other #$%$ do you have?

    • Gosh. Where is Pearl Harbor? The Sandwich Islands? Was that the Japanese or Chinese? What year is this?

    • America's real enemies aren't in China. They are in DC and Wall Street. People like Ca. Sen. Diane Feinstein do business in China and ship their junk to us putting American workers out of business and helping fund the Red Army. Many firms listed on Wall Street do the same thing. "Why do none dare call it treason? When treason prospers none dare call it treason."

    • why would china want to attack us when they hold all of our bonds and we buy everything they make

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      • It's a theory. China has talked of refusing to lend us any more money. Their economic head, asked the question, "why should we lend you money, to pay your unemployed, more than we pay our employed?" You see, the Chinese are afraid they may never get their money back. So it only stands to reason, they may decide to come here and take back, what they feel is rightfully theirs. You see the takers refused to vote a businessman as President, Mitt Romney. Someone who openly asked the question, of all Fed spending. Is it worth borrowing money from China (at a very high interest rate), to pay for said program? The answer is likely to be no. This would include, Cash for Clunkers, Unlimited unemployment insurance, and benefits for illegal aliens. A no brainer. This administration, really does practice vodoo economics.

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