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  • jon3retired jon3retired Dec 3, 2012 3:52 PM Flag

    Will The MEDIA Grow "Kahuna's" ??


    Will the MSM grow some kahuna's and slam this idea that OBAMA's ideas SHOULD be for "all Americans" and NOT just for the 51%. The MSM should become the intermediary in it's reporting, and start reporting fairly ... and withdraw their (MSM) dog from the fight now that they've help re-elect the BULLY President Of The United States !!

    Neither side has the "right" to claim this agenda .. nor the MSM to promote this !!

    I'm sending E-mails to all three networks, to remind them that it's not just about the 51% .. that our country IS, and has been "unnecessarily divided" - based on RACE & Class Envy for entirely too long.

    We're currently in "gridlock", not just because of Democrats & Republicans - but because of the MSM promotion of this non-sense, and their failure to publicly criticize the "rightful owners" .. thus perpetuating this "BULLINESS", jealousy, and childishness, from the highest office in the LAND.

    The MSM can help avert most anything (in ths nation) by "factual reporting" .. and letting the W/H know were their faults lie too !!

    This whole thing should be about "promoting" a tax base, getting people to work, making loans available to "small business" to expand - not letting people experiment (beyond their means) with tax dollars.

    Let the "American Citizens" prosper - then the poor won't need as much dependency on Fed. dollars.

    This requires a co-operation between the RICH & our Govt. This will expand our "TAX BASE" to create more income for the Govt. !!

    MSM, please GET A CLUE !!

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    • Jon, you usually make good points, but this time you may have opened a can of worms, Main Stream Media isn't to blame for presidential elections, green house gases, world hunger, or any other plague that affects the people of this earth. It's individuals like yourself that have one on one contact with other individuals and impose your opinions on the subconsciouses of others who read what you write. Remember the saying " believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see " ? Like it or not, what you print on this board is just as powerful as what is printed in the paper or said on the TV. I compare ALL posts on a message board as listening to Rush Limbaugh, because they all seem extreme and need to be taken with a grain of salt. Anyone who listens to the media knows that when they are reporting controversial subjects, the reporter will leave an 'out' in the story just in case they are wrong. It sounds like this "" ...and so the glove that was found matches the missing glove of OJ Simpson, what do you think, should the prosecutors charge him with murder? ... "" The media isn't saying he did it, because they would open themselves up to lawsuits.

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      • "I compare ALL posts on a message board as listening to Rush Limbaugh, because they all seem extreme and need to be taken with a grain of salt."

        But the radical liberal post of Ricky and others and the radical, callous, and spiteful post of Sir Echo are acceptable and reflect a sense of sanity and fairness?

        Because Ricky says it, doesn’t mean it is so. Because Limbaugh says it doesn’t necessarily mean it is wrong; it all correlates to Ricky’s oft-used example of the broken clock.

        Because a persons opinion or beliefs don’t correspond directly with another person’s simply means a difference of opinion. When you start adding the expletives, demanding that the other is idiotic, etc. is when the opinion begins to lose any credibility.

      • "The media isn't saying he did it, because they would open themselves up to lawsuits."

        The media isn't saying he did it because it is their role to provide you with information with which you make your own conclusions. They should not provide you with conclusions. In particular, people tend to view trying people (even OJ Simpson) in the media as an abrogation of journalistic integrity.

        Journalists are not commentators or analysts. Rush Limbaugh is not a journalist, he is a commentator and entertainer. Too many people prefer Rush Limbaughs to tell them what to think to journalists who provide objective information.

    • "Will the MSM grow some kahuna's"

      Of course not, they are mostly older white rich people that the Democrats and liberals hate and they are trying hard to be considered acceptable to the Democratic Party. They are missing the intelligence to understand how they are being stage-managed and used by the Democrats thus haven't the ability to figure how what else to do.

    • sdmiller4747 Dec 3, 2012 9:33 PM Flag

      There's a vast Left-Wing Conspiracy goin on and the Liberal Media is a Willing Participant in it!

    • Why Romney Lost:

      Romney said, "When I'm elected, I will put Americans back to work," and 51% said, "Screw That!!"

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      • That's because so many of the them are not working and getting extended UE benefits, food stamps, free cell phones, etc. They are paying little if any taxes and don't want to work for anything less than they previously were paid, if they have ever worked at all. It may not be 47%, but the percentage is too much higher than it should be or that we can afford.

        Obama's efforts to 'put this country back to work' simply aren't working.

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