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  • cmontx cmontx Dec 4, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    Both Sides are in cahoots

    You can bet that they won't tell us the terms and conditions of a deal before Dec 31. Reason? If they say that they will raise capital gains up to 30% on short termers after 2012, the market would crash. If they say that since they couldn't come to any agreement, and all the the Bush tax cuts expire, it shouldn't surprise anyone. The burden would be shared by all. These guys and gals need to "man up" and just say that they are holding us hostage, and apologize for a job not well done. You've got to be kidding me when they say that either side has our brst interest at heart. The onlyones that are gonna win in this deal are the lazy folks

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    • There is only one side and both the Republicans and the Democrats are on that side. Both want one World government and are destroying America to accomplish that end. If we don't get a large segment of both parties to switch to the Constitution Party by the 2014 elections, we are doomed.

    • You've got it right. Only 10% of Americans think Congress is anything but a gang of thieving racketeers. I can't rember the web site's address but there is one that lists all the large campaign contributions to national office holders. You could find it by trying "Campaign Contributions. You will find common denominators between both Dems. and Reps among those that give them money. The Kenyan's second largest PAC contribution in 2008 was Goldman-Sachs. You now have over 50 ex Goldman-Sachs officers running every facet of government finance. Bernanke=Fed Board, Geithner=Treasury and another one running the IRS. Coincidence? I think not. Goldman-Sachs is the front in this country for the Rothschilds.

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      • "You will find common denominators between both Dems. and Reps among those that give them money"

        Which is a good reason to overturn Citizens United and install some real limits on campaign contributions. Which of course means having a Democrat making Supreme Court appointments.

        It is not a good reason for rehashing the same old anti-semitic conspiracy theories loons like you buy into, which in turn make you tools of those making the contributions. If you'd focus your anger over campaign contributions into something real, we might actually be able to get limits in place.

    • Are the pro-bami people who infest these boards happy yet. I'm all in cash, and waiting. How come that COSCO clown ceo, who spoke at the dem convention, is borrowing money, to pre-pay his dividend before the end of the year. I hope Bami hits you with a retroactive tax. Seems like he's not willing to pay his fair share. Corporate pigs, one and all.

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