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  • ricky18201 ricky18201 Dec 5, 2012 2:30 PM Flag

    Both Sides are in cahoots

    "You will find common denominators between both Dems. and Reps among those that give them money"

    Which is a good reason to overturn Citizens United and install some real limits on campaign contributions. Which of course means having a Democrat making Supreme Court appointments.

    It is not a good reason for rehashing the same old anti-semitic conspiracy theories loons like you buy into, which in turn make you tools of those making the contributions. If you'd focus your anger over campaign contributions into something real, we might actually be able to get limits in place.

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    • Give Obama his tax breaks and increases, in fact make them even higher on the rich, but move the definition of rich to $1M and higher. That way when the economy continues to fail, unemployment continues to rise, he will finally have to own his economy. When his plans fail the deficit if unaffected, unemployment is still a major problem, and his Arab Spring continues to escalate into a regional war, no one will vote for another Democrat for decades.

      If the Republicans continue to fight for their budgets, cuts, limiting increases and the economy continues to fail, and it will with Obama and Harry in charge, they will get all the blame. Let the blame fall where it belongs. Let him carry out his ‘mandate’ and while we will all suffer, we won’t have to concern ourselves with Billary running, or Kerry. No intelligent Democrat will desire to inherit what Obama will leave behind. He will have indeed been successful in changing the greatest nation on the planet and should get the blame for it as well.

      It can't be too much worse than simply allowing Congress to make the decisions alone.

    • Anti-Semitic? You mean Sammy Davis Jr. was a "Semite?" Few if any of the other's are either as their own writings say 85% are of a Turko-Mongol tribe called Khazars converted to Phariseeism 1,200 years ago in So, Russia, Google the word and learn something about "The Big Lie".

    • "It is not a good reason for rehashing the same old anti-Semitic conspiracy theories loons like you buy into, which in turn make you tools of those making the contributions."

      Sorry but I failed to read any anti-Semitic comments in lewcors message. If by chance that many of the top levels of Goldman happen to be of that faith, so what? Did he denounce anyone for being of that faith or race? No, you assumed it all on your own and used your supposition to make deprecating comments about someone's post because you disagree with it. Is that a reflection of your character perhaps?

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