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  • robfisk robfisk Dec 6, 2012 8:35 PM Flag

    Is it time we Punish Single Women?

    They gave Obummer the election, cause of all that war on women spin. They were already losing jobs, more than any other segment. Married women voted for Romney in much higher numbers. So, from now on. I refuse to buy any property, or anything else from a women till she proves to me, she didn't support Obummer. There is a war on Women in Egypt. They have roaming bands of rape squads, plundering women who disagree with the dictator. Now that's a war on women. When will Barry weigh in on that one?

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    • sdmiller4747 Dec 11, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

      I know of this fat white beach that has five dark complected children by five different dark complected men. Does this mean I'm prejudiced against fat white beachs?

    • If Sharia law should ever become the law of the land, single women would no longer be a problem, nor would homosexuals, nor would thieves or liars. I'm told they have strong "penalties" for such situations. When the Iranian president told Columbia University students, "There are NO homosexuals in Iran", he wasn't lying. However, I have friends who lived extensively in the Middle East and the women from Americans lived in a certain compound while their husbands worked in the oil industry, they were asked to act and do certain things which they respected, and these women say you could not expect any people to be nicer or more respectful anywhere in the world. One friend told me she wanted to live there and not come back to America. Many of the Americans had lived there for more than twenty years and raised their children there. They provided help to clean their homes and do their clothes. The wives virtually had to do nothing but raise their children, which they also were provided babysitters to help. They provided Christian pastors and churches to worship their Christianity and did not interfere with their beliefs in any way. However, haven't talked to her lately. I do assume she will defend the Middle East and their way of life.
      She clearly did love those people and had no problem with their requirements. It was a "live, and let live" situation. However these women followed "their rules". They had drivers appointed for them and they did not go out shopping alone. They always wore scarves on their heads, and they did not use profanity or speak loudly or obtusely. They did not speak to other men in a "chatty way", if at all, and basically the women just did what they wanted to Saudi Arabia was where these families worked and lived for the time I have knowledge. I once asked the one friend if she was ever afraid, and she said Never. She said nothing was ever stolen from her or her home, and she felt safer there than in the United States. Her husband retired from the oil company and they had to come back to the U.S. facing taxes, mortage payments, doing her own housework, and having to drive to the grocery store and worry about getting mugged or hit by a drunk driver.

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      • A great number of Muslims don't have an issue with a democratically elected government, even one that is a bit more secular that religious, as long as the promoters of that government and those changes bring the social liberalism with it. They don't want, won't tolerate homosexuality, pre-marital sex, etc. as an acceptable way of life. These lose liberals social standards are their biggest objection to a democratic way of governing.

        Perhaps if more Americans held these same social standards, we would be a stronger country. Extreme liberalism has lead to the downfall of many past worlds leading civilizations.

      • I, for one, would prefer Sharia Law over the insanity that has gripped Washington in the past few decades.

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