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  • windyfrostt windyfrostt Dec 8, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Tax churches that run non-church businesses

    There are millions, if not billions, of tax dollars that could help this country that are in the name of churches, but actually have nothing to do with religion other than the tax-exempt status they have.
    This is wrong. I've thought so for years, but at this difficult time in history, I believe it is time to say this and get it out there because I know many other Christians who feel the same but are afraid to say.
    Since every entity that signs up for tax exempt status gets that status, no one knows for sure how much money they are making and how much in tax revenue would be owed to the local, state, and federal governments. One huge example I will give: TRINITY EPISCOPOL CHURCH IN NYC, own ALL of Manhattan, NY. Wallstreet, what was the twin towers, all the major banks there in the financial district,
    is leased to Trinity Episcopol Church NYC. The church "got" this land early on in somewhat of a controversial way (stole it probably), and leases it out. How many millions of dollars do you think this church owes if a new law separating these entities as businesses would bring in? This church exists for the sole purpose of leasing this property in Manhattan. That's just one. Think of all the churches that own businesses in the name of "church" that do not conduct worship services or bury their dead on that land. It's huge. Yet, we say nothing. It has caused much bitterness over the years. It is time the churches have church, and have true separation of church and state. I believe it could be the answer to many problems. I bring this up because one of my old telephone friends just married a minister, and they are using their "tax exempt status" to start a business. She feels as long as it's going to the church (and into their pockets, some not all because she is investing some of her inheritance in it), that it's OK and that I'm terrible to say it is not a good thing.

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    • Trinity owns all of Manhatten? Are you completely crazy? How can anyone be so stupid and tell such stupid lies.

    • What you said made such sense that I had to do a little research. So I am pasting some info .. " When a church makes money from other business activities, there is the possibility that the church may have to pay tax on the profits. This tax is known as "unrelated business income tax (UBIT)." Many churches are under the impression that because the church may have to pay a tax, it cannot own or operate a business. This is a misconception. If a church engages in business activity that incurs UBIT, all it has to do is simply fill out Form 990-T each year and report its income and pay whatever tax is due.

      In order for a church to incur UBIT, it must determine if it has earned income from unrelated activities. This can prove a little difficult sometimes. Section 513(a) of the Internal Revenue Code defines Unrelated Business Income (UBI) using three key phrases as follows:
      1.Is the income substantially related to the church's religious, charitable, educational or other purposes?
      2.Is it a trade or business?
      3.Is it regularly carried on?
      ....... "

      after googling this question I have decided, if our govenement can tax it, it is taxed, there is no break for it unless it benefits polticians

    • I meant to say leased from Trinity Episcopol, not leased "to" point is that church is making a fortune off of non church business and pay not one dime in taxes. They are fat cat churches, at our expense.

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