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  • echo2165 echo2165 Dec 10, 2012 6:33 PM Flag

    Reply to ricky...

    ...Well, as you know, that was posted on numerous different websites, other than MoveOn. I did not research each and every claim, but I also believe that some of your issues were not so much with the validity of the points made, but with the editorial presentation. We all, everyone on this board, take some poetic license at times, including you and me.

    Your point about, “Maryland Republicans ended all county money for a low-income kids' preschool program…” – I am under the impression this is true.

    “ Why? No need, they said. Women should really be home with the kids, not out working."

    I’m quite certain no one actually used those words. I would assume that is the opinion of the writer, and it was not quoted as coming from the legislators. But, if they cut the funds, I’d certainly be interested in what their logic actually was, however. Because, quite frankly, as I often mention and did in that very post, a party platform that assumes all women are “the Stepford Wives” and deems legislating transvaginal ultrasounds or defining “legitimate” rape or suggests that God intended life through rape, is not beyond cutting funding to programs to keep women subdued. The point of the entire post was more in line with comparing the far right of our peoples being similar to that of our enemies.

    One place that posted this, gave sources at the bottom. I have not read them yet, but, be my guest. Again, I think the MoveOn portion of my post was fairly accurate. That you took offense to the writer’s presentation doesn’t necessarily mean the gist of the piece was invalid. I’m sure that when I compare the Tea Party to Sharia Law, others feel that it’s an unfair comparison, as well.

    Search for SaddleBrooke Democratic club.

    Under their “search for” box, enter Top 10 Schocking Attacks From the GOP War on Women.

    Each of their points has a source, although you may not agree with them all.

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    • Best in progressive thought available daily at MoveOn's website.

      Today: Joe Scarborough, long time gun advocate, changes his mind about gun control. It's time to regain our school yards, movie theaters, and college campuses from users of assault weapons having the ability to shoot multiple victims in a few seconds.

    • When do you plan to take another week off? This is the holiday season; why not give us yet another one to rejoice? Does it concern you when most of your posts have more thumbs down than thumbs up? Does it make you consider if you have lost or could be losing your mind? It should.

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