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  • pinhighshot pinhighshot Dec 11, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    Obama steps on his tounge again.

    Obama goes out of his way to praise the teachers unions and the teachers in Detroit and then his Department of Education publishes data that say only 7% of the 8th graders in Detroit public schools are able to read at their grade level.

    Yep, that show just how great they are, the district is broke, the unions rule and Detroit, run by Democrats for decades is broke. Yep, good job there.

    Now he says the right to work laws is bad news. He and most liberals and certainly his union campaign contributors think that squashing a person’s right to work for whoever will hire them at a wage they agree upon should be a right that is suppressed for the greater good...the greater good of the unions.

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    • I find it odd that this same story was played out in WI when the right to work vote was at issue. Google it. Exactly the same. Then keep looking. It goes on. And really the only thing I can find out there about the national average is that 87% of eighth graders can't read at an acceptable level. Just for the sake of conversation, lets say I was your employer and I really wanted to cut your pay. You have been here a long time, and you know those yearly raises have added up. You and a bunch of your coworkers are approaching retirement and I have to fund that too. So I come up with a test to see if you know how to do your job. That has happened just for kicks, what if the tests these kids are taking are made for failure? I would like to take the test....I would like you to take it. It might be an eye opening experience.

    • Don't blame the unions or teachers for low IQ's. That's why the scores are low. Detyroit as is most large U.S. cities is overloaded with people with room temperature IQ's. I went to school with many of them with the same books and the same teachers. I caught on and they didn't with rare exceptions. Same in the Army. In WW1 thay had special tests for illiterates. Certain groups scored significantly lower than others. Guess who?

    • You criticise the Department of Education because only 7% of 8th graders aren't reading at grade level. You do this by spelling tongue as tounge. Pinhighshot, you are an uneducated idiot. Good entertainment but still an idiot.

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      • Yeah, kinda like the Kenyan's "57 states". He must have gone to school in Michigan.

      • Again, another union teacher educated fool that is so caught up in a misspelled word that you can't see the real problems. The ironic part isn't that just a group of 8th graders can't read, but that it was a group of 8th graders in a school district that the President had just praised.

        Teachers are only part of the education process, a good portion of that education and the ambition and drive to obtain a good education start at home. The problem is that many of the parents of failing kids today were high school failures themselves. The wheel just keeps turning and it never gets any better.

        I agree that good teachers should be paid well, but I also agree that poorer performing teachers should be replaced and union won't allow that simple, but necessary process to be part of the equation.

        Yes, unions did have a place at one point in time to reduce the instances of sweatshop type employers. Since then they have made millionaires out of union leaders, criminal out of others and have driven many companies and in some cases entire industries out of this country or existence. What praise should be heaped upon them for that service to their fellow citizens?

        You keep looking for the misspelled words, ignore the rest of the world around you, keep expecting the different results from the same idiotic actions, and see where that gets you.

        As for as some of your other comments, I was taught by teachers before there were teachers unions in my part of the country, I never belonged to a union, never worked in a union shop and owe little if anything to any union for my personal successes.

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