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  • echo2165 echo2165 Dec 20, 2012 8:37 AM Flag

    Wake up, Mr. Boehner...the clock's ticking...



    What is so difficult to comprehend here? You lost the election, convincingly based on these very issues, and yet your House goes on as though it never happened.

    The President came up from $250K to $400K. Far less than one percent of the American Public makes $400K. Who do you think you are representing? Americans know who are pulling your strings, and the game is over. Take us over the cliff, and it might be the death knoll for the Republican Party for all time. Enough is enough.

    CBS News Poll released 7:00 p.m., Dec. 18th, 2012

    Views on Two Measures to Reduce the Deficit
    Raise the tax rate on persons making over $250,000 (Imagine these numbers at 400K)
    Favor 69%
    Oppose 29%
    (Note: even 51% of REPUBLICANS were in favor – over half of them)

    Reduce Government Programs
    Favor 45%
    Oppose 48%

    Trying to take from the people’s safety nets to help less than 1% who are very wealthy is not…I repeat…NOT, going to happen. Holding the middle class hostage amounts to, in the President’s words, “political suicide.”

    As I said yesterday…give these folks enough rope…

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    • It is also ticking on the President. He wants what he wants and he wants right now! That is the typical attitude of the newer generation. He won't compromise, he won, he is the boss, he is the smartest man on the planet...if you don't believe him, just ask him.

      He is an arrogant SOB that is going to demand that he get his way or else. There is no compromise, there is no 'what is best for the country as a whole', there is only I won and I will get what I want.

      His demands for increased taxes will not solve the problems we have, it will hardly make a dent in the debt or deficit if we don't cut spending, but he will hold out to get his way or he will hold his breath until he turns blue or will simply stomp his feet and whine until they give him what he wants.

      He has asked of new plans from the Republicans, has received several, and turned all of them down. He isn’t negotiating; he is having a temper tantrum

      This is the great example of leadership his is giving to his country.

    • I guess I don't understand why going over the fiscal cliff is such a bad thing. Help me out here, if we go over the fiscal cliff, won't our taxes go back to where they were when Clinton was president? Didn't we have the highest growth rate in our history during the Clinton years? Didn't we have a surplus during those golden years? And now that we have Obama care and all of the benefits associated with that program, won't the American people be better off?

      Yes echo you are correct, the president and his party won the election, and since the Republicans are going to be blamed for all of the problems with the economy anyway, it may be time for them to get out of the way, take the blame, and let the president and his party run the show.

      In your heart you know he is write,

      The Frogg

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      • At this point, it seems to be the best way to go.

        In this type of recovery you generally don't want that kind of austerity shock, you want to close the deficit gradually. But if we do want to get back to the type of fiscal responsibility of the pre-Republican borrow and spend years we need to start now. And if that means going over the fiscal cliff and then backtracking from it, I'm all for it.

        Good job only looking at the politics of it though.

        And yes Cisco, I did get the sarcasm.

    • Where are the spending cuts?
      Obama wants to raise taxes on everyone not just the rich in order to finance his spending spree which will send this country into a death spiral. Most Americans have already seen their annual healthcare costs rise an average of $2500 because of Obamacare and it will rise another $2500 once fully implemented.

      John Boehner has proposed, in what's being called Plan B, raising taxes without anything in return. Basically what Boehner has done here is adopt a plan put forth by Pelosi this past spring. And the White House has rejected it.

      This is Boehner explained Plan B because the president won't talk to him. The president won't move on anything. the president wants to go over the fiscal cliff. The Republicans don't want to go over the fiscal cliff. If we go over the fiscal cliff, the Bush tax rates expire for everybody, and everybody's tax rates go up to what they were during the Clinton years. They go up not just for the rich, but for everybody exactly what Obama wants.

      The country has a lot of low-information voters #$%$. who got Obama elected. To the low-information voters Obama is a cult leader he is whoever they want him to be. They don't know or care about the truth. They are going to discover that their take-home pay is significantly less but will be too stupid to realize it was Obama who caused it.

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      • There are no spending cuts committed to by the Democrats. They want it their way or they won't play. I hear all the talk of compromise, but the Democrats don't even understand the meaning of the word, at least the President doesn't. His 'give backs' are nothing, they are all for show and tools to use so they can blame it all on the Republicans. Obama has refused to own the spending, lack of budgets and terrible economy for the past four years and it apparently looking for a way to blame the next four on someone else. Why? Because he knows it won't get much better, but he will have gotten his way.

        He wants to remake this country, but what he wants it to become is not what the American people will want or enjoy.

      • Best byline I saw today: President rejects Boehner's surrender!

      • ricky18201 Dec 20, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

        Let's look at what we have learned from this election: Twenty-one of 22 incumbent senators were re-elected, and 353 of 373 incumbent members of the House were re-elected. The American people have re-elected 94 percent of the incumbents who were running for re-election to an institution that has an approval rating of about 9 percent. This indicates, as an electorate, we are a nation of idiots. We're now stuck with the useless, dysfunctional government that we deserve.

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