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  • froggnot froggnot Dec 20, 2012 2:30 PM Flag

    Wake up, Mr. Boehner...the clock's ticking...

    I guess I don't understand why going over the fiscal cliff is such a bad thing. Help me out here, if we go over the fiscal cliff, won't our taxes go back to where they were when Clinton was president? Didn't we have the highest growth rate in our history during the Clinton years? Didn't we have a surplus during those golden years? And now that we have Obama care and all of the benefits associated with that program, won't the American people be better off?

    Yes echo you are correct, the president and his party won the election, and since the Republicans are going to be blamed for all of the problems with the economy anyway, it may be time for them to get out of the way, take the blame, and let the president and his party run the show.

    In your heart you know he is write,

    The Frogg

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    • At this point, it seems to be the best way to go.

      In this type of recovery you generally don't want that kind of austerity shock, you want to close the deficit gradually. But if we do want to get back to the type of fiscal responsibility of the pre-Republican borrow and spend years we need to start now. And if that means going over the fiscal cliff and then backtracking from it, I'm all for it.

      Good job only looking at the politics of it though.

      And yes Cisco, I did get the sarcasm.

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      • What recovery? GM is planning to buy back a lot of its stock and the government is planning to sell a lot of what they still a loss compared to what we gave GM for that stock. Housing is starting to show some signs of improvement but only because of artificially forced low interest rates and we may be headed for another housing bubble because the jobs picture, in spite of their claims is still failing; that is part of the reason they want the UE benefits extended in any 'cliff' negotiations.

        The stock market is like a bungee cord with all their manipulations of the media and the stories of failure on the part of the Republicans. If the Democrats are the wise and such great leaders they claim why isn't Dirty Harry presenting some plans that both houses might consider? He has all but disappeared along with Nancy. This has all been between JB and Obama when the laws that govern our spending and taxation must be passed by Congress, the entire Congress, not two people.

        We cannot continue to spend like we are let alone increase taxes so they can spend more. Rather than spend so much time on the tax rates, just extend the Bush cuts so no one see an increase, other than all the hidden and newly identified Obama Care taxes and work on a budget and some accountability rules on off budget spending. Get a control on the spending and then determine how much income is required to support that instead of increasing the spending when they have no real clue if it will be enough or not. Most noted economists insist that increasing taxes to the levels Obama want won't make a dent in our problems anyway.

        This negotiation is not trying to find a solution or what is best for the country, it is a political fight, and either way we the people will still lose.

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