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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Dec 21, 2012 1:27 PM Flag

    Wayne La Pierre For President

    You need to buy a weapon. If a home invasion occurs in the middle of the night how are you going to protect your family. Get some safety training to go along with your new gun

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    • I'm surrounded by Police, and those who shoot, here in my neighborhood. I know that likely won't help me, if someone decides they are doing a home invasion. Anything can happen, anywhere, at any time. But this is a low crime area. Most home invasions here in Maryland are drug related. If I lived in the Southwest, a border state, where illegal alien caused crime was rampant, I'd definitely be prepared.

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      • ...

        “I'm surrounded by Police…” – rob

        Don’t panic and go down in a blaze, rob. It’s only the A.S.P.C.A. there investigating reports that you’re spanking that monkey in your basement.

        Incidentally, there were no After Hours Quotes last night because this week’s editors were all Mayans, who all week long were like, “why bother?”

    • I have two Dobermans. A Dobie for every classroom! (Now that I like).

      If you want to buy a gun for home protection, I'm all for it. Just not an assault rifle, or a gun with large magazines, or without a background check. I suggest a shotgun. Try not to lose any fingers (especially you, robfisk)..

      But I don't think turning our schools into armed camps is any type of solution for anything. You want to see more kids get shot? Put guns in the schools.

      After all, why make the shooter actually purchase and bring a gun into the school? That's inefficient. We can simply eliminate those steps by making guns available in the schools, using taxpayer money of course.

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      • The best animal you can have for protection, is getting harder, and harder to get. An ape. They work the best. In the inner city a guy kept one in his basement rowhome. He had no basement steps, and had to rely on a ladder rope to check on his pet. The story goes, some repairman, meter reader, had to get in the basement. The wife let him go down there to check on something. The poor guy was down there with his flashlight, looking at the meter, and he felt someone/some thing put a hand on his shoulder. He turned, flashed the light on the ape's face. He dropped his light, and ran out of the basemen, so fast, he ran screaming into the street, and was struck by a car. I always wanted to search the local papers to see if this is true. An old, retired TELCO type, swears this is a true story.

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