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  • froggnot froggnot Dec 26, 2012 4:40 PM Flag

    Sidwell Friends School sounds like a very safe place for children

    In addition to its commitment to diversity in regards to age, economic background, ethnicity, gender, physical disability, political affiliation, race and sexual orientation it also has 11 armed guards in addition to a compliment of secret service agents.

    No wonder David Gregory and other members of the D.C. 1 percent have selected this school as good place to send their children.

    It truely is a shame that the average American doesn't understand what our "dear leaders" are talking about when they tell us about the virtues of doing away with the second amendment.

    Maybe someday the great unwashed will finally get the big picture.

    In your heart you know he is right,

    The Frogg

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    • "So if someone disagrees with you, then their language skills are poor and imprecise"

      No. You spat out a series of buzzwords common on conservative blogs that are meant to obscure and confuse: "dear leader," "the great unwashed," "the D.C. 1 percent," "the big picture". Conservative bloggers use these phrases to dull your thinking.

      Who are the D.C. 1 percent? Boehner? Who was the D.C. 1 percent 5 years ago? Karl Rove & K-Street? Yes, the wealthy of D.C. send their children to expensive private schools. As you noted, Sidwell Friends School does not discriminate by political affiliation. Bloggers use the D.C. 1 percent to obscure the fact that Romney and his staff would have sent many of their children to this Quaker school as well.

      Who are the great unwashed? American voters. But you don't want people to realize that is who you are talking about, do you?

      I can spot BS like this because I have, over the years, demanded precision in thinking and language. Once you begin to think about obtuse phrasing it is easy to spot. This is also why I did not see the point to your post. Rich people send their kids to private schools. So what? You *thought* your words had more meaning than they did. If you mean liberals, then say liberals.

      Now, compare what you wrote to Echo's post on the Barry Goldwater quote. It is as precise as it comes. What is a landslide? 61% to 38%. He only won his home state and the deep south. What does extremist mean? Even Goldwater, who's slogan you've adopted, rejects the Tea Party as too extreme. Even though he uses some language that could be used to obscure (landslide, extremist), he backs it up with precisely what he means. This is clear thinking and clear writing.

      Do you see the difference? Again, your intelligence or your ability to string together a bunch of fancy words in long, complex sentences are not a concern. You should think precisely and express your thoughts precisely using language of your own choosing. Even the slow and people who do not speak Ivy League English can do this.

      You should not merely string together a bunch of hackneyed, grand-sounding phrases you've picked up from email forwards and blogs. To wit:

      "Throughout history, liberalism has lead to the downfall of many empires and great civilizations as it will the United States and democracy if we continue present trends. Our current leader is a narcissist that thinks he was sent to save the world, not just the U.S. while not having the leadership skills to run a mid-sized company, let alone a nation. His desire is to fundamentally change this country if we want it or not because he has a vision of 'fairness' that is incompatible with reality."

      Replace the world "liberalism" with any appropriate "-ism" and that entire paragraph could be adopted by the opponents of every president since Washington without changing another syllable. It could apply to the writer himself with a few more changes. It is a completely meaningless paragraph. The mind that writes that paragraph boggles me. But it sure does sound fancy, don't it?

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      • "the big picture". When did the ‘big picture’ become a part of the conservative only lexicon? Shouldn't that be what our members of Congress are looking at and have failed to consider for many years?

        You're denigrating my comments about liberalism and history when just a few posts ago you claimed innocence due to the subject being before your time. So was Orwell I assume, but you continue to comment on his words and his meanings.

        If you don't believe my comments about liberalism being at least a major factor in the demise of many civilizations, you need to read more history. You’re smart, but often not as smart as you think you are.

      • OK, let me try:

        Someone once said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" (usually attritbuted to Voltaire).

        So in that regard, I want to wish you and your family a very blessed new year, and I look forward to many future discussions and exchanges of ideas with you.

        God Bless

        The Frogg

      • Ricky, your statement "I can spot BS like this because I have, over the years, demanded precision in thinking" is laughable unless you were excluding your own thinking. As I understand your posts, you still believe that Obama's father was a sheep herder from Kenya and refuse to even consider the extensive evidence that his real father was from Kansas, USA. Your comment in the last paragraph of your post demonstrates your total lack of discrimination between fact and fantasy.

    • It may be physically safe but I bet the curriculum is very slanted toward Communism. I wouldn't want my kid going there.

    • As Orwell wrote in "Animal Farm;" "All animals are created equal. Some animals are created more equal." Very typical of lefties. Read how the "Elite" under "Communism" lived. While their people lived a bare existence they lived like the rajahs of old. They even had a store just for themselves that stocked things that only they could buy. "Lefties" have always been frauds and liars.

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      • Are you daft? Because wealthy people in a capitalist country can afford expensive private schools the capitalists are communists? You finally talk about equality of opportunity in our schools, and it's the opportunity to bring a gun. But alas, the capitalists you describe, buying privilege for their children, are acting like capitalists, not communists.

        George Orwell was a Democratic Socialist. He was one of a small but important number of Socialists who did not let ideology blind them to the reality of totalitarian Communism. He was a brutally honest critic of power, and a vehement advocate for causes he supported, but was ultimately a moderate. He is one of my political heroes and in my own writing and actions I hope to emulate him. If you think he'd agree with the likes of you on anything, think again.

        "No question now what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

        George Orwell, Animal Farm

        In other words, if you think Obama is a socialist, then by sending his children to an expensive private school he is a socialist acting like a capitalist, not a socialist acting like a socialist.

    • "In your heart you know he is right,"

      I can't even tell what your point is.

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      • Dear Ricky, I was attempting to point out the intellecual dishonesty of those on the left (Mr. Gregory) who spent 30 minutes on his TV show (Meet The Press) attempting to discredit conservatives for having the temerity to desire the same level of security enjoyed by Mr. Gregory's children and the children of our "dear leader".

        Sorry if it wasn't clear.

        As far as the quote "In your heart..."

        I believe most conservatives know the quote, and if you dig a little you will probably be able to identify the source.

        Happy hunting

        The Frogg

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