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  • kit3taylor kit3taylor Dec 29, 2012 8:09 AM Flag

    FACT::House Speaker Ranks Higher than Senate Speaker

    While the VP of The USA is president of the Senate, the Constitutional fact remains - the House Speaker is 2nd in line to fill the office of the presidency if something happened that prevented the president from conducting the resonsibilities of his office. In that case, the VP of The USA and House Speaker are next in line to be president.

    Thus, communist Harry Reid should #$%$. Rightfully so, the House of Reps is poised to lay the inept and useless senate to waste !

    God bless John Boehner, only 2 heartbeats away from becoming the Chief protector of The USA Constitution.

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    • The reason the Senate has so much power is that there are fewer idiots to convince of a voting direction. The rule that one house has to 'reconcile' a bill from the other house before it can be passed is just plain inefficient and stupid. When a bill in introduced it should go through both for agreement before it is voted upon, not rewritten after one house passes it. They are supposed to be working for the good of the people and country, not their own little fiefdom and publicity stunts for an upcoming election.

      The group that has been in Congress for the past six years is approaching being the worst in history.

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