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  • rddr2022 rddr2022 Jan 14, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    U.S. Failure

    pay more taxes to USA problem! ARE YOU WILLING TO DO?

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    • I'm willing to if they will cut spending in half and start to pay off the national debt. They haven't even had a budget for the past four years; but still they spend.

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      • I am willing to pay higher tax rates when the government gets serious about fiscal responsibility and quits playing political games with our nation’s economy. I don't want to hear anymore about a grand bargain or a deficit committee because no one on either side of the equation had any intentions of abiding by any of their suggestions.

        This is about power. The people that control the money have the power and both parties are after the power as their end game and their only goal past reelection.

        The Democrats have turned down all offers at cost reductions and are now saying they aren't through increasing taxes, but they still refuse to even discuss cost cuts. Much of that attitude was very apparent in the so-called Sandi Relief Bill. When the spending that was included in that fiasco was made public, every member of Congress who submitted the additional spending not related to Sandi should have been extremely embarrassed along with anyone member that was set to vote for it. The NJ governor was simply making political headlines because no one had talked about him for a few weeks.

        It is a sad joke. Obama now says he will not negotiate (which has typically been his stance) about the debt ceiling because we have to pay our bills. If we cut spending, increase revenue, and mind our spending habits with any measure of common sense and honesty, we can pay our bills. Since when does the President get to say he won't negotiate and he will do as he wishes? Congress creates, writes, and passes the laws of this country and he has the power to veto if he has the votes behind him to make it stand. Quit dictating and lead and govern, which I don't think he understand how.

        The economy is still, or should be the leading issue for this Congress and President, but now he says gun control and immigration are his first priorities. He can even make up his mind about his priorities.

        What a joke, a sad joke but still a sad excuse for leadrship all around.

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