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  • dan2003hr dan2003hr Jan 15, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    Obama doesn't care - EXPENSIVE

    New Jersey has finally read the bill and now understands what is in Obama Doesn't Care. Watch what happens to employee benefits as 2013 approaches.

    In the Star Ledger, a Democratice newspaper if there every was one, is reporting on the front page that NJ looks to scrap college healthe care law. NJ requries that all students be covered by heatlh care, and if they are not coverage is offered at a rate of $100 to $600 per year per student for varying levels of minimal health care coverage.

    In September of 2014 as a direct result of Obama Care the costs for the same bare minimum coverages will rise and ADDITIONAL $1,000 to $1,500 per year.

    If Ricky is still on the board he will tell you that is not true. Hmmm the heard of education in NJ (Cerf) will tell you that Ricky is full of it.

    Not only are middle income taxes rising, oh darn, Obama and Ricky exclude fees, but the costs are rising in increased taxes and increased fees on the Middle Class, so are the coverage costs that will be dropped by most major corporations. The fines are cheaper than the coverage.

    You voted for the Fool on the Hill you will really be regretful when the costs become clearer at the end of the year. T will rise as they do away with excessive health care costs. Direct bottom line benefit!!!!!!!!

    As an investor in T, THANKS RICKY!!!!

    As a taxpayer (^%@@%$)__#!

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    • Take a chill, Dan.

      Because of Obamacare most NJ college students will be able to stay on their parents insurance. Those that aren't able to will have access to the health exchange (including subsidies) and Medicaid (by virtue of its expansion in Obamacare) just like everyone else.

      According to the article, NJ is the only state that kicks kids out of school for not having health insurance. It's pretty ridiculous. I've never heard of such a thing. Most colleges just have a clinic.

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      • I just coughed up $3,650 for my grandson's girlfriend to have surgery. Her family didn't have it and the insureance only paid part of the $7,650 bill. She would have been crippled for life had it not been done promptly. Both are students in college. How many others do not have someone like me that is willing to help. I have relatively good coverage including tier 2 VA coverage but many treatments could take most of what I have.

      • "Those that aren't able to will have access to the health exchange (including subsidies)"

        Including subsidies! Notice how selective Ricky can be with his "pay for your stuff" speech.

      • "Because of Obamacare most NJ college students will be able to stay on their parents insurance"

        pretty funny, no they won't Obamacare will drive up cost to the point parents will be lucky to afford thier own care much less keeping the college age kids on their plan. Sorry Jr. you are are on your own to find your own healthcare at 18 not 26.

      • As always you are out of touch. Our taxes pay for expansive care, increases as I have previously stated are coming and coming big. Not true that most college students have parental coverage and those that do will be in significantly decreasing numbers in 2014.

        kinda like a year ago when you said milk prices wouldn't rise and the real people on the board advised you that not only would they, that, in fact, they already had and were continuing to rise.

        Clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!! and who pays for the clinic? Yup! The Middle Class.

        SPIN it baby!!!!!!

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