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  • jon3retired jon3retired Jan 16, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Nat'l Database For B/G Checks Is There !!


    AND this "Data-base" has BEEN there .. the NRA has BEEN asking (till they're blue in the face) ... for it to be utilized - yet Obama and his LIBS still "point" fingers" at the NRA!!

    To purchase a gun in Va. .. you must be a Va. resident, provide the same 2 I.D.'s as you would do at the Voting Booth .. AND STILL have a State Police BACKGROUND CHECK !!

    And you "leftist eggheads" say ... "well, what about the criminals & crazies" well, if they don't comply with laws anyway, If they commit an act of violence, if the Cops can't get there in time, then just hope there is a person nearby with a concealed weapon that can assist you, so you don't become a "VICTIM"

    That's why the Nat'l Data-base was set up in the "first place" - the Govt. needs to stand in front of a mirror when pointing fingers .. just like everything else !!

    Eggo is the type .. if being victimized, would accept your help .. and afterwards would "scream" like a little girl - that you had a concealed weapon !!

    If you ignorant "whacky" EGGHEADS had just ONE OUNCE of "common sense" - then, the world would be a better place !!

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    • Have you noticed jon3retarded that ever major issue Obama has had to deal with is fixing what George W and you wingnuts screwed up? We had a weapons bill but George thought it was wise to let it expire. It is gonna take 20 years to pick up all the poop that man made. Congr.

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