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  • froggnot froggnot Jan 20, 2013 6:00 AM Flag

    Danny Glover teaches constitutional law at Texas A & M University

    During Professor Glover's class on constitutional law on January 17, the professor pointed out the following:

    "I don't know if people know the genesis of the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect, for settlers to protect themselves from slave revolts and from uprisings by Native Americans. So, a revolt from people who were stolen from their lands or revolts from people whose land was stolen from. That was the genesis of the Second Amendment."

    Thank you Professor Glover for bringing clarity to the conversation and a new level of understanding of why it is so important that the second amendment be overturned.

    Based on current events, I am sure you speak for many in the democrat party.

    "In your heart you know he is right"

    The Frogg

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    • What does this have to do with T?

    • Can someone explain how the President’s proposed actions will actually stop incidents like what happened in that school?

      How will it stop someone with evil on their minds, with the full intent to hide their plans from walking into a school with a legally or illegally obtained weapon and doing great harm? No, the constant false argument about automatic weapons allowing them to kill more people in less time doesn't work. How will any of the actions planned stop the manic from strolling into a public place and committing their horrendous acts?

      I betting you can’t, because their plans won’t stop what happened.

    • I had no idea who Glover was, so I did a search. LOL. History is already being rewritten, even before the genocide of the White race which predominantly founded and developed this country is completed.

      #$%$ on Mr Glover.

    • Danny Glover, according to all the bio's I can find on him, says he attended college. None says he graduated. Why does anyone think he is qualified to make these kinds of public comments let alone teach a university class?

      He has made a ton of violent movies, which a lot of liberals today are claiming is part of the problem…just more qualifications I guess.

    • This is the same guy that said the earthquake in Haiti was caused by global warming. So much for even rudimentary knowledge of geology; now he's teaching constitutional law??!?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • It's true. It's not the full story but it's part of it. What do you propose the professor do? Ignore the truth? Gloss it over and present his students with a happy happy joy joy cartoon version of American history? Intentionally make his students ignorant and dumb?

      I guess that is the tea brain way. . .

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      • Danny owes his students the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. To mention two minor reasons and ignore the major reason for the second amendment is a fabrication apparently intended to focus on slavery which was a very minor problem at the time the second amendment was passed (unless you were a slave). Many of the early settlers came to America as indentured servants who served as a slave for 7 years to pay for their passage and board and room. My great, great , great, grandfather was one of them. He came from France in 1740 and did not serve his full seven years because he married the masters daughter. He did not fight in the Revolutionary War because his father in law and his wife were Torres so he was also a Torrey even though he was from France.

    • Danny Glover either does not know history or is purposely misleading his pupils. Although some of the dangers he mentioned are true, the main reason for the second amendment was that there was no national army and each colony was responsible for its' own defense. There was still a threat from England as was demonstrated by the war of 1812. It can be argued that the second amendment is no longer necessary because we have a strong national army. Nearly all state "militias" have been nationalized and report to the federal government. However, the right to own a gun is not based solely on the second amendment. There is nothing in the Constitution that forbids gun ownership.

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      • "there was no national army and each colony was responsible for its' own defense."

        The main threats were Indians and slave revolts, and revolts from non-slave tenant farmers. There was also quite a bit of ethnic conflict in those days (Scottish v/s Irish, for instance, or German v/s English). It wasn't the British. American landowners were disgruntled at the British for not allowing them to defend themselves from these domestic threats while the British Army was weak in the colonies. They were afraid a weak Federal government might do the same.

      • Lady lost control of her car yesterday. All cars banned until govt determines fault. Who sold her the car? What was the horsepower?

    • frog. Did you enjoy reading about a gun seller in N. C. yesterday excersing his second amendment rights. He took his shotgun to a large gun show in Raleigh and while pulling it out of the case shot three people. I guess he was there to explain why we need stricter gun laws. His show and tell was perfect.

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