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  • ricky18201 ricky18201 Jan 24, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    For "icky" .. Ca.Town Sch. Board Purchase !!

    How you see the need for schools to purchase AR-15s to defend themselves as some sort of victory is beyond me. I would prefer the school not need them, and I would prefer those children not live in communities where they may get shot. This is a failure, Jon. A reversion to the state of nature, a failure of our government and our civilization. People who need AR-15s to go to school or leave the house are not free. They live in fear.

    Those guns from the Fast and Furious operation were purchased legally by straw buyers, Jon (Agents did not purchase them, they tracked the purchasers). It was illegal to smuggle them into Mexico, but it was not illegal for those gangs and druglords to purchase them in the United States. They did not need to smuggle them back into California from Mexico. If gangs and druglords in the United States want AR-15s, they merely need to go to Walmart and purchase them.

    According to the BATF, 70% of the guns seized in Mexico from 2007 to 2011 were purchased legally in the US. We are creating and feeding the drug gang violence that make it necessary for schools in southern California to be armed with AR-15s. A situation which you seem very proud of.

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