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  • echo2165 echo2165 Jan 28, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Why does ANYONE need an #$%$ault weapon



    “…a similtanious (sic)post !! …Nice try echo .. but as always, you have no common sense .” – jon, spellbound again

    Well, perhaps not, jon, but I have sense enough to know how to spell simultaneous.

    Okay, in tallying up the responses to “Why does ANYONE need an #$%$ault weapon?”

    Let’s see here:

    Winholder’s reasoning is because ‘our government seldom stops with the first step…if they could take away one kind of gun, then what is to keep them from logically taking away ALL of them”

    Jon babbles totally incomprehensible bathroom humor of no consequence other than to expose his immaturity.

    CK justifies it as an investment and apparently thinks long guns are the new silver.

    t.bfine apparently believes that “the public’s mad rush” to gun dealers to purchase guns they think are soon going to be outlawed, is reason that people should own #$%$ault weapons. “Manufacturers apparently can't produce them fast enough.” Ah, a brief glimpse into one segment of this reality, if only by accident.

    The NRA is telling folks, “Obama and the commies are coming after all of your guns. So buy as many as you can quickly.” One need only review who’s on The NRA Board of Directors from both the gun manufacturers and the gun lobby to make the connection. Not to mention Grover Norquist, Ted Nugent, John Bolton, Larry Craig and many other luminaries of the extreme right, whose political agendas go far beyond guns alone.

    I will ask once again. Why does anyone need an #$%$ault weapon? I really would like to hear one reasonable answer other than 2nd Amendment mumbo jumbo. The 2nd Amendment is not under attack. It also doesn’t mention large magazines, gunshow background loopholes, fully automatic weapons or any of the issues being addressed. Using your logic of keeping with the times of the Constitution, Obamacare should only cover Hirudotherapy (leeching).

    Speaking of leeches, where’s the frog when you want a really stupid answer. Or Rob.

    “Why does ANYONE (other than the military or law enforcement) need access to #$%$ault weapons? ANYONE – hunters, private citizens, sportsmen/range shooters…ANYONE.”

    Best answer gets a Ted Nugent T-Shirt with a quote from his interview with the United Kingdom’s Indpendent, “Correct. I did not want to get my #$%$ blown off in Vietnam.”

    This topic is deleted.
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    • NO one needs to justify why they need any type of gun - to you or anyone else. It is their RIGHT to own it.

      Those who try to make U.S. citizens justify why they own a gun are trying to take away those citizens` RIGHT to own a gun. The recent push for more gun control is a racist desire to disarm law abiding Whites, imo, just like immigration reform is an anti-White racist desire to eliminate the White majority and its culture.

      We have really really been screwed and Whites are waking up to that fact. Those who hate the White majority know that and fear that White majority, that is why they want to disarm us. So they can eliminate us easily and withour fear of us, with the final objective of genocide ,just like the genocide which has been occurring to the tiny White minority in South Africa since Black rule began.

    • Don't worry echo. Nobody will ever break into your house to screw your wife, hehehe.

    • Ricky, echo, icky, whatever your name is, you are showing your ignorance! No citizen ownes an assault weapon. What they own are Military style semi automatic sporting rifles. They have been deeemed Assault weapons by the liberals and liberal media to scare people who have no knowledge of guns into thinking they are something worse than they are. The difference between an AR15 and my Remington 740 I use for hunting is looks. Their functionality is the same. If they made it, I could put a collapsible stock, 30 round clip, compensator, etc on my 740, but it's still a Remington 740 deer rifle!

      Only the military owns a fully automatic assault weapon! I'm hoping your liberal pea brain can understand this. but I'm doubtful!

      So you're question should be "why does anyone need to own an AR15?"

      There are lots of reasons.
      1. They are used in competition shooting. A sport.
      2. They are used for nuisance animal control. Especially Texas for pigs, Az for Coyotes, etc.
      3. They are used for hunting. The .223 round is a great round for small deer, pigs, javalina,, etc. The AR15 is a great choice to use for hunting, it's fast, accurate, can be modified for any envirionment.
      4. Because the 2nd Amendment guarantees my right to. I don't see where it excludes these scary looking guns!

      These are all of the top of my head as quickly as I can think. I'm sure we can come up with 2 dozens more.

      Allright echo, ricky, icky give us you're rediculous psycho babble! Your uninspiring liberal spew! Your point to nowhere! Your twisted logic from the dark corner of yor mothers basement!

      Don't forget to check my spelling and punctuation!

      • 1 Reply to bouch84
      • And also don't forget that 'assault weapons' as described by liberals cause a very small number of the intentional gun deaths or injuries. Additionally, most sales at gun shows are made by registered gun dealers that DO perform background checks on their customers and a very small percentage of sales at gun shows are from individual to individual without checks.

        Most of the gun deaths in this country are caused by criminals where the actions that caused the death are not their first nor are they caused by legally obtained and registered weapons. This is simply another power grab by an administration that vows that their self-created crises cannot be wasted. Echo, Ricky, etc. are simply brain-dead liberals that have zero tolerance for any opinion that does not mirror their own disillusioned sense of importance.

        This issue so important to many liberals running for reelection in 2014 that they don’t want to vote for it lest they lose their place in the sun.

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