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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Jan 28, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    How sad what Florida has become

    Something seems really wrong in Florida. Much of the state looks half dead. The palm trees look half dead, lawns and areas where grass should grow are half dirt, half grass. Like you might expect in a desert climate. The skies are never bright blue, rather a dim whitish blue. Many business areas are trashy, with big weeds everywhere and either poorly mown or unmown grass. FOR LEASE signs are in all business strips in Florida.

    Surprisingly lately I have even noticed a lot of trash and litter along the highways and freeways. There are still a few nice areas , the beach side communities - where the wealthy live and water their lawns and plants of course, also a few areas that for some reason are still hanging on, and a few other areas that appeal to snow birds. But overall Florida is becoming just like the industrialized rust belts of the north. Dirty trashy and decaying.

    Almost everyone has a shiny newer affluent looking car though.

    How did a worldwide tourist destinatin get this way? Were those in power trying to copy third world tourist destinations maybe? If so, they suceeded. What a shame. It was such a paradise years ago.

    Maybe it is the unrelenting almost nonstop chemical spraying of the skies in Florida. Many claim we are being bombarded with aluminum, barium and other harmful heavy metals and even viruses. Who is spraying us like bugs, and Why? The military no doubt has to be involved.

    Illegal and legal third world immigrants probably love it here though.. It is THEIR state now. They all work and hold jobs.Poor White citizens are the ones you see standing at the corners with signs asking for help or work, begging those third world immigrants for mercy.

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    • sdmiller4747 Feb 1, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

      I first thought you said, "How sad what Fonda has become." What a traitor to her country!

    • If you are being sprayed like a bug, it is because you are a bug. Live with it!

    • I sold my house in the Florida Keys and left Florida altogether. It's a terrible place to live. The buildings in the keys look like run down shacks. Most of the people outside the rich communities are immigrants and drug runners. The cops do nothing and the jails are disgusting. 15 or more people share a toliet in a single room and the cops only give so much toliet paper.. like 1/10 of 1 roll everytime.. Many of the women are forced to wait and stay on the toliet while the men law officers watch them. There is a lot of illegal police activity down there in the keys. A LOT. Also.. if you are caught with anything above i think 1.5 grams in florida (Marijuana) then you are a felony and you will never EVER find work that is legal. Elsewhere in Florida is filled with tourist trash, including the keys.. And the mainland is nearly like winter anywhere else except in the summer you DIE of heat as well. Screwed over on both seasons. Ocala is filled with red necks, but everything is cheap as hell. Henrico, VA is the best place to raise kids and live. I have done a lot of traveling in the US.. and of all the places I have been, from east to west coast.. I like California (other than the taxes, gross) and Virginia. Hawaii is awesome as well but expensive.

    • You are a total moron......

    • It always bothered me that whenever I went to Florida, I didn't see any Officers on patrol. It wasn't till I spoke with an old guy, that he clued me in. Everyone is carrying in Florida, hence bad guys don't try anything here. The Police keep a low profile, and just respond after all the gunsmoke clears. Man, what a great idea. I wish honet folks/citizens got to carry here in the Peoples' Republic of Maryland. I believe that guns prevent more crimes than many of us realize. We need criminal control, not gun control. Here, our Dem Gov. O'Malley wants to end the death penalty, and take away all guns. . Such a silly man, he'll probably be President one day. Unless the sheepel wake up.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • "Everyone is carrying in Florida, hence bad guys don't try anything here The Police keep a low profile, and just respond after all the gunsmoke clears."

        In Jacksonville not too long ago there was a drive by shooting in which 5 people were shot, no one killed though. It hardly made the news.. Shootings are a regular occurence there.

        A couple of summers ago a 'youth' shot up a mall in Jacksonville, luckily only one person was shot but not killed. It hardly made a blip on the local news either, and not at all on the national news. I don`t think they ever found the Black 'youth' who did the shooting. But they sure determined who the White guy was that shot a Black 'youth' recently in Jacksonville - within hours.

        Jacksonville is a dangerous city and I think it had a past reputation in Florida as being the poor relative of cities in Florida. . Now though I believe all large cities in Florida are just as dangerous, and some people actually feel safer in Jacksonville than other cities. I`ve heard a lot of people say they would never live in the metropolitan Miami area, for example.

        Florida does have a large White conservative base which supports gun rights. But the millions of immigrants who have flooded the state are overwhelming that base. If the rats and snakes in our government are ever allowed to legalize the millions of illegal immigrants in Florida that conservative base will have no clout. The migrants have more babies than Whites, and after they are legalized then there will again be another flood of illegals. Just like what happened after Reagan legalized millions of illegals.

        It will only be a matter of time then until no one will be carrying, legally that is. The future non White majority will not want White folks owning guns and they will decide what is law. You can bet on it.

    • My parents are in Florida as we speak. They're having a lovely time. The weather has been great! I wonder why you don't enjoy it? Oh yes, you're a racist moron who has ruined his own life with his hate. How could I forget?

      • 1 Reply to ricky18201
      • Like I said there are still some nice places in Florida, most are predominantly White areas though. And there will always be some nice places, just as there are in third world countries.

        The roads in Florida are excellent which might givie it the appearance of a more prosperous state than it is to visitors heading to a specifice tourist destination, or those who don`t travel much outside their 'nice' pleasant areas.

        It appears to me to be a state in decline though. The White folks who at one time dominated this state sold White Floridians out imo. I think the future for ordinary working and middle class Whites in Florida is very bleak. It will not be a pleasant place for most of them, imo.

    • Ding, ding, ding-ding ! You're a winner !!
      Isn't it interesting how one always finds what they seek ?


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