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  • ricky18201 ricky18201 Jan 30, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    Winholder - not unexpectantly stalled

    Obama is trying to redistribute wealth, but is intent on milking the middle class with fees. He is anti-business but has increased business profits. He is destroying the US & world economy, but it's a great year for investing. Do you listen to yourself?

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    • The economy is stagnant at best and I for one don't believe that is the real story.

      Immigration and gun control deflections aren't going to save him when UE numbers come in higher this week than 'expected'. I would like to find out who the person is that has all these high 'expectations' that continually get smashed on a continuing basis.

      You can only redistribute for so long before you run out of the other guy’s money or they hide it or take it offshore. Obama is pushing the envelope already. If a business is growing their profits, unless it is via increased spending on their government related contract awards, government has little to do with it.

      Government’s most common influence on profits, other than defense spending or disallowing the Medicare folks for bidding drug prices, is to weaken profits.

      More government is not the answer; it is the key to the problems. That however sad and true does not fit the liberal mantra, but government itself is the worst example of business acumen in the world.

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