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  • dan2003hr dan2003hr Jan 30, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    ricky is not the brightest bulb

    I now stand corrrected after reading little ricky's post under "not unexpectantly stalled" it appears that ricky when not plagarizing from his lobbyist website is actually not very intelligent. Little ricky's comprehension after reading a paragraph or so is literally non existent.

    What did they say about Obama supporters "Can't fix Stupid", or Can't fix Stupid ricky!

    Very sad, I feel for the poor fellow! So Sad! Taken to the cleaners. Was that you little ricky playing three card monte?

    Next time you spin little ricky, please demonstrate a modicum of intelligence.

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    • dan2003hr...thalidomide baby!

    • Ricky believes the Party line...’if it is not fixed yet, it will be soon, just hang in there.’ Well, we have all been hanging in there for four years and the march to the sea seems to have stalled.

      Ricky can't see that the march has stalled; he is too busy keeping time with the marching music played by all the network news outlets and liberal writers. The noise is all consuming and distracting to the point of insanity, from which most believers are suffering.

      It’s not entirely his fault; he was raised and semi-educated by liberals. It is all still GWB’s fault and he made such a mess of things that the brilliance of Lord Barry is not sufficient to fix all the problems that quickly. We must be patient and understand that they have to continue to manipulate the data so as to not frighten the masses to revolution.

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