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  • dan2003hr dan2003hr Feb 8, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Obama doesnt care shafts the middle class

    People are now getting their W2's interpreted and are recognizing that that $20,000 to $35,000 in box 12 will be added to their income from which they will have to pay taxes. Think of those two family benefit payers where combined the numbers are often greater than $50,000. That is an increase in taxes. Those with less employees than 250 (might be 200) will be cancelling policies after they add box 12 next year. Some of the true costs will or are greater than some are salaried.

    As more busineses, can AT&T be far behind, drop private insurance and thus more people are fined (that is not a tax, it is a fee, or a penalty - NOT A TAX) and contribute to shortfalls there is a strong positive impact. Keep in mind this year also that the fee on devices takes effect. Yes, those devices used for hip replacements and knee replacements, etc.

    Obamacare prices students out of the market. The pudits will tell you that their parents policies will make up for it and the students will get in on their parents work coverage. Oh, isn't that the coverage that the unemployed no longer receive and that the poor don't have anyway and if it is kept box 12 will be higher.

    Yes, the middle class and below will be hit hard by this regressive fee (remember, IT IS NOT A TAX).

    Oh yes, I always forget to add, now that everyone is beginning to understand the costs (NOT TAXES), there is a group that will benefit from it all. Yes, the baby boomers. Latest data that I have seen from a survey of insurance companies is that the younger members will see a premium increase over 150% while in the same timeframe babyboomers should see a decrease greater that 20%. So hold your breath when the cadillac plans are fee'd (NO TAXED).

    Thanks ricky and your fellow supporters. Spin it any way you want. I will take that decrease, after all it was what you and they voted for.

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    • Yes, please if you can, replay Obama's Prayer Breakfast coverage. He has to sit, and listen to the truth, from Ben Carson. A real American Patriot of Color. It's the truth. Mouchelle, can't stand the truth. Watch her frown. I'm sure, Ben Carson would be taken out by a dr0ne strike, if these two had their way. Rush, among others, has covered on his show, that a family policy under Obummer in 2016 will cost 22k a year. Wait till the lib yups have to pay taxes on that amount. Ouch! Bet you, they didn't know they were the rich guy Bami was talking about taxing.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Dr. Benjamin Carson gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast where he was seated just two seats from Obama. In his speech he proposed that “When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record and a health savings account [or HSA] to which money can be contributed – pretax – from the time you’re born ’til the time you die." That HSA can only be used for medical expenses and can be transferred to other family members when the person dies. In other words, everybody pays their own medical costs and at their own discretion. No paperwork or approval board needed. It doesn't take 900+ pages and you don't have to pass it to see what is in it.

    • The middle class that would not be hit with a tax increase are being hit with a tax increase. Their paychecks are getting smaller, assuming they can find a job that will give them a paycheck and all the while housing prices are going up, gas is going up, food is going up, education is going up but Washington tells us there is no inflation. There are also no jobs!

      This is an excellent recovery. If you can work, everything is getting more expensive inspite of your shrinking resources and if you can't find a job in this sticking economy, you get a check from the government for about a year, paid for by the poor slub that is lucky enough to have a job. All the while the fools on the hill argue and fight over everything but those that really count.

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