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  • zonbac98 zonbac98 Feb 12, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    "O Care" .. good or bad ??


    Depends which side of the fence you're on ??

    NOW (today) .... "O Care" for State Employees will cover those part-time employees working over 30 hours, but under40 hours per week - YES

    Will it create new jobs - YES

    (fine print) .. Now check your local State Finance News and look for the following ??

    As State Officials try to work "O Care" in, State employees working part-time, between 30 & 39 hours will now have their hours reduced to under 30 hours.
    States will "now" have to HIRE more, to offset the lost hours .. creating more jobs, but a worsening economy. This will more than likely force more folks onto public assistance & "O Care" !!

    More burden on the backs of the "middleclass"

    Ricky, please explain the up-side to this ..

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Obama has basically nationalized medice in the U.S. There is no upside and this is just the first step in his plans to bring his form of socialism to this country. Even liberals are starting to look at him as a danger.

    • Or they'll simply give those employees health insurance, or make more jobs full-time. It is a choice employers always deal with. Offer higher quality jobs to attract higher quality candidates or offer lower quality jobs and get not so good candidates. Either way, all of those state workers will now have access to health insurance, either through the state or through the exchanges or expanded Medicaid. I imagine most workers will see that as a worthwhile benefit.

      In the case of states, they have an added incentive to offer higher quality jobs and insurance because they often end up footing part of the health insurance bill if they don't--either through Medicaid or other programs--and they recoup part of the pay through taxes. And elected officials are likely even more averse to bad publicity in this arena than Red Lobster was.

      Basically, though, if you're worried that there may be more jobs of lower quality and fewer jobs of higher quality you should support things like minimum wage, education and unions. And for heaven's sake, Jon, et al., don't move to Texas. Enjoy that Democrat-created Best State for Business you live in while it lasts.

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