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    !! (exposed) (??) (ya nosey ole whoopie cushion) "whacko's” – coolin_out47

    Doctor Jekyll, who often battles internally with the good and evil within himself, creates a potion to attempt to mask his personal hidden evil. In so doing, however, he transforms himself into the evil Mr. Hyde.

    jon, on the other hand, having already transformed himself into zonbac98, like Jekyll becomes dependent on his personal choice of magic elixir, a mixture of Mountain Dew, grain alcohol, Red Bull, Southern Comfort, nectar of bee pollen, Jack Daniels, ground up Cialis, chlorpromazine, Rogaine and prune juice, with a Pamabrom chaser for bloating and puffiness, served in a 55 gallon drum with a real beach umbrella and a spiked watermelon on a Confederate Civil War (replica) sword, given to him at a gun show by Doris Ziffel.

    After consuming two or three of these, as he did last night, he further transforms himself into coolin_out47, which unlike Jekyll’s transformation from good to evil, results in his plummeting from merely insidious stupidity to downright chowderheaded asininity.

    Fortunately for jon, no one knows about this secret metamorphosis…well, other than his “puppy”…and his Doctor…oh, and his parole officer also knows…and his friends at his group therapy sessions in the ward…and then there’s all you guys…but, other than that, it’s jon’s little secret. Sh-h-h-h-h-h!”(!!)??”(giggle) “snark”Tee-Hee

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