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  • echo2165 echo2165 Feb 18, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

    Speaking of awards...


    “More proof of MSM's selection process in reporting…” - ssdepends

    “…you can't understand what you read but also indicates that you believe all the hog wash in the MSM…” - wilkes

    “That is just an excuse the Democrats use to help the MSM…” – pinhighshot

    “…your president and the MSM has "singled" out military look alike style rifles !!” – zonbacjon

    “I know that the MSM and the dems believe that our "Dear Leader" beat the heck out of that pesky little man made of tar, but I guess time will tell whose lunch ultimately gets consumed.” – The Frogg Less

    “Guys like echo and the MSM have small minds with a large inability to recognize important issues that might have an impact on all of us.” - windandale

    Ah, yes, the source of all the problems in the world according to the usual suspects above, who are united in knowing that only they know the truth, and suggesting everyone else is united in a conspiracy against them…everyone else being, “The Main Stream Media”…those dastardly villains who, in a conspiracy of leftist, radical, socialistic rage to overthrow our government and destroy our way of life, will stop at nothing to capture and dominate every aspect of what we see, read and hear, and twist facts to fuel their vision of world domination at the expense of Mom, apple pie, guns and fundamentalist values. Or, as most sane people call them…The Free Press, which last time I checked, was also included in The First Amendment for all you Constitution thumpers.

    And look here, will you? The annual Polk Award winners for 2012, just announced. Somehow, it would appear that Fox was overlooked. Paging Mr. Murdoch…paging Mr. Limbaugh…

    That’s right, windandalejonwilkesfrog…apparently professional journalists and the rest of the world, think you folks are relying on a very small segment and a very biased source for your journalistic input. It’s remarkable how you want to tell everybody else that they’re wrong, while you vilify legitimate news sources, criticize the “Intelligentsia”, ridicule public education and fawn over dimwits like Bachman, Palin, Cain, etc.…not to mention having illiterates like jon and rob representing you here.

    “The George Polk Awards are conferred annually to honor special achievement in journalism. They were established by Long Island University in 1949…Some of the most respected names in journalism have won Polk Awards, including Edward R. Murrow, Christiane Amanpour, Carl Bernstein, David Halberstam, Gay Talese, Fred Friendly, I.F. Stone, Morley Safer, Joseph Lelyveld, Anthony Lukas and Walter Cronkite.”

    List of 2012 Winners:

    Political Reporting Mother Jones

    Foreign Reporting The New York Times

    Television News Reporting CBS News

    War Reporting McClatchy Newspapers

    Video Reporting GlobalPost

    National Reporting Bloomberg News

    Local Reporting Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Magazine Reporting The New Yorker

    Justice Reporting The New York Times

    State Reporting California Watch

    Medical Reporting The Washington Post

    Business Reporting The New York Times

    Education Reporting Maine Sunday Telegram

    Documentary TV Reporting Frontline

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    • Echo thinks that all these awards they have won are something special, but he forgot that most of the awards are being given by their coworkers in the same industry.

      This is just another coke or ego fueled rant when he couldn't find anything useful to accomplish with his time.

      As they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle...but a lot of cattle waste.

      They are all competent at writing stories, it is just the spin, or outright lies that often get added to their work. How many times has NBC or CBS had to retract stories because they were being sued for…setting up car crashes to create fires, having a national reporter fired for using what he knows was invented information for a big story. They should stick to reporting the news, not creating it. If you want to call something an editorial, that is one thing, but you shouldn’t editoralize in a ‘news’ story.

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      • ...

        “Echo thinks that all these awards they have won are something special, but he forgot that most of the awards are being given by their coworkers in the same industry.”

        I see…so peer recognition from professionals in the field of recognition is a bad thing, is it? And who would you have judge who should be recognized for an award for Journalism…migrant farm workers?

        “As they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle…”

        As they say in Texas, “Hell, what’s a little air pollution among friends? Is that tobacco juice on your lapel? Hey, there’s a rattlesnake round-up in Frognot this weekend…bring booze and guns. Hoo-Haw, let’s us secede from these lefties!”

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