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  • robfisk robfisk Feb 18, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Pres on Golf Vacation Again

    Gas is up to $5 a gallon around many areas of the Country. Our Defense Department is scheduled to take a big hit, do to the automatic budget cuts. I'm worried. Will this guy ever start governing? We can cut some welfare folks a little to keep America safe. OBAMA, THE ELECTION IS OVER. TIME TO ACT!!!

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    • bush should be in jail , Si?

    • After Tiger kicked his tail, handicap and all, it was reported that the President asked Tiger if he might be interested in his views on redistribution of golf strokes.

    • The Democrats, even according this morning to Mr.’s Simpson and Bowles, have an opportunity to present alternative ideas and plans to stave off what they are calling a disaster, even though they agreed to the 'disaster' in place of presenting any plans for which they might be held responsible. Have they? Will they? Why haven't they?

      Are they willing to let what they are calling the worst cuts EVER to simply go into effect without a fight? Yes! They will allow what they say is a faulty fiscal decision to go forward for the sake of winning and having the opportunity to scream 'I told you so' and blame a further economic strain on our economy on the 'other guys'.

      It is about winning and blame, not good governance; they know and won't give up the fight unless they get their way.

      We have spending problems and yet the President in his efforts to talk down to the Republicans and ask the people, who he knows can’t do anything about Congress, from different sites all around the country. Doesn’t this supposedly intelligent man understand today’s communication channels? Is he not aware that he can make these speeches from the White House and still get as much press coverage? Why does he have to fly around the country in one of the largest jets ever made to accomplish this simple task?

      Now I can sit back and wait for a responding idiotic post that will claim I am racist because I don’t want a black man to use the plane.

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      • What do you call a black man flying an airplane?

        A pilot you racist! LoL

      • Yeah, it was Democrats who caused the debt ceiling disaster.

        Did you note that Simpson & Bowles stated that the administration had made just such an offer (one that includes sharp entitlement cuts) in Dec, but Boehner backed away in favor of "Plan B"? Did you note that Simpson & Bowles noted that Obama had stated that offer is still on the table? Did you note that Simpson & Bowles stated the main sticking point was Republican's unwillingness to accept any revenue increases?

        Sure sounds different when you listen to the whole interview instead of the snippets Sean Hannity (or whatever hack you listen too) provides.

    • Typical neo con reply, jon2retard, worries about the Defense Department cuts. You guys love war. Where are the WMDs your AWOL hero Dubya promised? Oh, he is still under his desk looking for them.

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