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  • froggnot froggnot Feb 19, 2013 4:53 PM Flag

    If $85.3 billion is cut from a $3 trillion plus budget will America cease to exist?

    Our federal government spends about $11 billion per day. The sequestration cuts about $233,698,630.00 from that daily expense.

    So according to our "dear leader" in his speech today, if the federal government only has $10.76 billion to spend on a daily basis, then people will get cancer, law enforcement will stop doing their jobs, children will stop being educated, our "dear leader" may have to take fewer multi million dollar vacations, and other draconian effects.

    Who would have thought that $233 million would have had such a major effect on America's ability to perform its functions?

    Why can't Republicans understand that our "dear leader" is a reasonable man and is willing to go the extra mile if only they will raise taxes a little bit more on the rich?

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • "Maybe it's time for government employees to get a little taste of how the rest of us live"

      Last week my daughter took a 20% pay cut for no other reason but this economy. I'm with you.

      Good news is she didn't vote for Obama.

      My sister-in-law's son, who is in housing constuction, has been laid off for 6 months. Amazingly, he voted for Obama. It's not working out real well for him.

    • Panetta just announced that 800,000 non-military DOD employees will be furloughed from March 1 to September for 1 day a week or 22 days each.

      OK let's do the math:

      o Average salary for federal employee = $100,000.00

      o Average number of days worked during a year = 22 days per month times 12 months or 264 days

      o Average pay per day = $100,000.00 divided by 264 or $379.00 per day

      o Average savings from each furloughed employee = 22 days times $379.00 per day or $8,338. 00 per employee

      o Approximate savings realized = 800,000 employees furloughed times $8,338.00 per employee or about $6.67 billion

      o DOD employee pay remaining after furlough deduction = $100,000.00 minus $8,338.00 or $91,662.00

      In summary:

      o The government saves about $6.67 billion by giving non-military DOD employees 22 days of unpaid vacation.

      o The average non-military DOD employee takes about an 8% pay cut for days not worked

      I guess I'm pretty hard hearted, but I'm having a little trouble having sympathy for someone who still has their $100,000.00 job, their government pension plan, their government health insurance, their accrued sick days, their accrued vacation days, and other perks.

      Maybe it's time for government employees to get a little taste of how the rest of us live.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • "Average salary for federal employee = $100,000.00"

        Drop that by 25% and you're getting close, but it's lower. $100,000 *average*? Did you just pull this nice round number out of your #$%$?

        If you think Federal employees are paid so much, tax them. Why only tax the Romney's of the world when you can get all those Federal employees you claim make hundreds of thousands a year?

      • Panetta and Obama are lying about what will happen when the sequestration hits. They agreed to this plan so they wouldn't have to talk about it before the election and all of a sudden it is a bad idea. It was Obama's idea. The totals they are talking about are for 10 years, the actual cuts per year will leave the government spending about the same this year as 2012. Scare tactics on the part of this dishonest administration.

        Obama is just ticked off because he isn't getting his way, I mean after all he won, he thinks he should be able to do as he damn well pleases regardless of the law or common sense. This new theater act is boring and foolish.

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