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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Feb 20, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Universal Orlando dropping health coverage for workers over ObamaCare

    Obamacare - what a disaster this plan is to our healthcare coverage. Huge increases in cost and reduced care

    The theme park plans to drop medical coverage for part-time workers starting in 2014. With the limits being phased out, companies like Universal Orlando can no longer keep those policies. Under the health care law, those without employer-sponsored coverage will still be required to purchase insurance.

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    • One reason a family health plan will cost 20 plus k in 2013, ( and still only cover 60% of your cost), is that with all the illegals, we now have to pay for translators for anyone not willing to speak English. One Spanish youg man called into a talk show I was listening to. He complained that the hospital said it was no longer necessary that he come to the Doctor with his Mom. Why, under Obamacare everyone gets a translator. They were basically saying, by showing up, he wasn't following the plan. Obamacare will destroy our healthcare with red tape. I'm seeing more cars running around with Obami stickers on them. What are these people smoking?

    • Low information voters are allowing the Dem Socialist party, to destroy the world's greatest healthcare system. Does Sandra Fluck know what Obami just did to women? She got flocked. I'm hearing they want to do pap smears once, every five years. The way some gals sleep around these days, cervical cancer will skyrocket. Should have read that bill. Oh well.

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    • I recently enrolled in another plan. I had Kaiser-Permanente. It's a total mess, partly because of Obama Care but also the mishandling of paperwork. I'm inundated with paper that has little to do with my medical care. They lose track of identifying nos. and then send paper work to my old address. I don't know how much is incompetence and how much is due to Obama care.

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        “I recently enrolled in another plan. This time they called it my psychologically-centered treatment plan. My team of shrinks did it in an attempt to develop a clear understanding of my current emotional state, thought patterns, moods and stressors and to determine how I am managing these issues with my current coping skills and style. Well…

        …you know what they say about the best laid plans, right? Well, I flunked, and now they’ve tripled my meds and I’m pretty sure it was Obama’s fault…or it could have been The Bilderberg Group, The Rothchild Family or those mind controlling HAARP radio waves. Oh, man, there goes that buzzing again and that pesky, vexatious pain!!!. Nurse Ratched – MORE MEDS, QUICK?” - lewcor

    • Universal offers a high cost, limited benefit plan. It costs about $1,000 per year per worker and covers $5,000 in benefits. Only 500 of Universal's 17,000 part-time employees (less than 3%) enroll. These plans are not permitted under the ACA. Part-time workers will have better access to better insurance in the exchanges.

      Dan and his multiple aliases will post scores of stories like this in 2013. Worthless insurance plans being "dropped" because of "Obamacare". This is largely because these plans cannot compete with the plans and prices available on the exchanges.

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